11 Weeks Pregnant What to Expect

How’s the Little One on Your 11 Weeks Pregnant Bump

11 weeks pregnantAt this point, your baby at 11 weeks is already a little longer than 1 1/2 inches. His size is similar to that of a fig but it is evident that he is now about to be fully formed. His hands are going to open soon and he is also likely to close them into fists. There are already little buds of teeth on his gums and his bones are developing and becoming harder.

Pregnancy at 11 weeks marks your baby’s kicking. He is also performing some stretching. If you can only see what’s going on inside your womb, you’ll be amazed how he can move effortlessly due to the water that surrounds him. At this point, there is no way you can feel him move. You still have to wait for a couple of more months to literally feel he is performing acrobatics. When that time comes, you will also have a clue of his hiccups which will transpire when diaphragm starts forming. Don’t worry; you’ll have more of it in the near future.

Most Common 11 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms


Most women who are at pregnancy week 11 feel more energized than the previous weeks. You may also notice that your nausea attacks less frequently now. As a result of your slow digestion brought about by hormonal changes, it is possible that you experience constipation at this stage in your pregnancy.

Prevention and Relief

To ease constipation, it is important that you eat foods rich in fiber. Include whole-grain cereals and bread in your meals. Eat more brown rice, fruits and vegetables in your diet. It’s a must to drink plenty of water and fruit juices, too. Try to get some exercise. By simply walking, riding a stationary bike or doing yoga, you can ease and prevent constipation during pregnancy.


Heartburn is also a one of the most common 11 weeks pregnancy symptoms. The changes in your body have impact on the valves between your esophagus and stomach and leads to heartburn. These symptoms can make you look at pregnancy as a very difficult condition. But as you get the hang of it, your focus will no longer be on the discomfort it brings but more on the beautiful creature you will soon have by your side.

Prevention and Relief

To keep your pregnancy safe from heartburn, limit your intake of food and drinks that can cause gastrointestinal distress. Carbonated drinks like alcoholic beverages and caffeine should be avoided. Refrain from eating big meals. Go for several small meals and make it a habit to thoroughly chew on your food. It’ll be a big help if you don’t eat before you go to bed. Wait for three hours after a meal before you lie down. This allotted period gives your body enough time to properly digest the food you consumed.

Pregnancy Announcement: When to Break the Big News

Pregnancy at 11 weeks is a great time to announce your pregnancy. A recent study reveals that there are women who choose to keep things to themselves until the risk of miscarriage gets lower. There are women who announced their pregnancy at its very early stage. When the unfortunate event of losing the child happened, the people around them kept on congratulating them without a clue that they have already lost their child through miscarriage. You do not want to be in this very awkward situation.

However, telling the news about your pregnancy at an early stage gives you more time to celebrate with your loved ones. Expectant moms, especially first-timers, will have a hard time keeping their pregnancy a secret. Whether you tell the world about your baby bump at an early stage or a later date, the most important thing is that you keep an eye on your pregnancy.

Ways to Prevent Having a Miscarriage

Around 15 per cent of pregnancies fail to make it so it’s very important to be guided by your obstetrician. Make your diet well-balanced, perform appropriate exercises and get educated on which food and drinks you should learn to avoid. It is also time you start learning how to manage stress. When a pregnant woman is relaxed and happy, the likelihood of having a miscarriage is slimmer than an expectant mother who is always tensed.

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