13 Weeks Pregnant What to Expect

Baby at 13 Weeks and What to Expect

13 weeks of your pregnancyNow that you are 13 weeks pregnant, you are becoming more and more eager to know what is going on inside your womb. You are about to enter your second trimester in a few days and this makes you wonder about your baby’s development. The changes on your body can be perceived easily at this point.

The following are the questions you possibly have in mind now that you have your 13 weeks pregnant bump.

What’s the progress in your baby’s organs?

On account of your baby’s skin being extremely thin and delicate, his veins and organs can be seen through it. The size of his head is becoming appropriate with that of his body. Female babies already have over2 million eggs in the ovary when she is 13 weeks old.

How big is your baby at 13 weeks?

Your baby’s size is similar to that of a regular pea pod. He is approximately 3 inches in length by now and weighs almost one ounce.

Can you have a miscarriage with pregnancy at 13 weeks?

The risk of having a miscarriage when you are already at 13 weeks of pregnancy is much lower than earlier.

Will my pregnancy become more comfortable now?

You are about to begin with your second trimester, which is relatively comfortable compared to the first few weeks of your pregnancy when the symptoms were more intense. At this point, you can expect that the morning sickness you are experiencing will finally subside.

Is having an increased sex drive one of the 13 weeks pregnant symptoms?

Many women feel that their sex drive has increased when they reached their 13th week in pregnancy. If you feel the same, it is just normal.

When do you get milk on your breast?

At 13 weeks, your breasts are getting ready to have colostrum. Right after giving birth, your breasts naturally produces healthy fluid which you should feed to your baby. When all your colostrum has come out, milk will start flowing.

How much food do I have to take now?

You may think that you are already eating for two and that you have to eat more now. The truth is, there is no need for you to consume twice as much food. Although medical institutions have different take on the amount of food that should be taken during pregnancy, the Institute of Medicine states that expectant moms who have a healthy weight do not need to increase their intake of calories during the first trimester. But to get ready for the second trimester, an addition 340 calories a day should be consumed. For the 3rd trimester, pregnant women should take 340 extra calories per day.

However, it should be kept in mind that more calories are needed by those who are underweight and moms who are having twins or multiple babies. If you are overweight, try to limit your intake of calories and be more watchful on your diet.

Which nutrients are considered most essential at this point in your pregnancy?

Basically, your body needs protein, iron and calcium which are all vital for your baby’s development.

You should take at least 71 grams of protein every day. This can be acquired from eggs, dairy products such as nuts, beans and soy products. Lean meats should also be a part of your meals.

Meanwhile, 27 milligrams of iron needs to be taken regularly. It’s important to feed your body with iron to avoid having iron-deficiency anemia. One of the most common health issues that expectant moms experience is anemia. The best food to eat to ward off this health disorder is lean meat. Vegetables such as legumes and spinach also contain a substantial amount of iron.

To make the formation of your baby’s bone an teeth as smooth as possible, have enough calcium by taking four servings of dairy products every day. Four servings can already provide you with 1,000 mg of calcium.

Can you just rely on prenatal vitamin?

No. Taking prenatal vitamin is just for the purpose of filling up the nutrients you miss to have on your diet. It cannot replace the importance of eating healthy meals. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to get enough fiber.

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