14 Weeks Pregnant Baby and Symptoms

The Developments of Your Baby at 14 Weeks

Facial Expressions

the baby at 14At 14 weeks, you will be surprised that your baby already knows how to look with his eyes partially closed. His face can already show expression of pain and disgust. When he makes facial expressions as a result of his brain impulses, the muscles on his face get exercised.


The resident of your 14 weeks pregnant bump already has kidneys that produce urine. In simple terms, your baby already knows how to pee. His urine gets released through the amniotic fluid that surrounds him. Your baby will put up with this process until he is born.


Even his liver is starting to generate bile now. This particular development is very significant in the life of a fetus. It indicates the normal functioning of his organ. His spleen is working as it should be with normal production of red blood cells. The baby inside your womb is becoming more physically active. However, you still need to wait for a few more weeks to finally feel his punches and kicks.

Physical Growth

At 14 weeks, you baby is also growing really quick. He has stretched to around 3 1/2 inches. Try to hold a normal-sized lemon and you will know how big your baby is by now! His weight has also reached 1 1/2 ounces. His neck is beginning to appear. His arms will grow more proportioned with his body any time this week.


At this point, your child already has lanugo. It’s the fine and soft hair that covers your baby’s limbs and body.Lanugo protects the delicate skin of your baby from getting damaged by the amniotic fluid.

14 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Your 14th week marks your entry to the second trimester. Pregnancy at 14 weeks makes you feel you are finally regaining the energy you have lost during the past few weeks. However, while your energy is evidently returning, you will most likely have to deal with your tender breasts. You will also notice that nausea is gradually getting out of the way.

The upper part of your uterus is now a bit atop of your pubic bone making your 14 weeks pregnant belly more and more obvious. For most couples, the bigger the mom’s tummy gets, the more excited they become about the baby’s arrival. Enjoy the moment and try not to be very conscious or worried. It’s an amazing point in your life and you and your spouse should savour it. Focus on the beautiful side of pregnancy and do not be afraid. Make taking care of yourself and the baby in your tummy your foremost priority.

Discovering the Sex of Your Baby

At 14 weeks of pregnancy, and probably earlier, you are itching to know about the gender of that creature inside your womb. You cannot wait to figure out if it’s a toy car or a walking doll you will be purchasing a lot of in the next few years.

While there are parents who prefer knowing about the gender of the baby before he is born, there are couples who still want it the customary way – learning if he’s a he or she’s a she only when the baby has come out from the mother’s womb.

It is really up to the parents if they will try or really not try to know about the gender of their baby during pregnancy. You can discuss this matter with your doctor.

Since most doctors nowadays recommend an ultrasound not just to know about the gender but to further check on the baby’s condition, you can just tell your doctor to keep the gender of your baby to himself.

In this day and age, most moms undergo ultrasound and other prenatal testing to learn their baby’s sex. Knowing if the baby is a boy or a girl creates a sentimental impact to parents. It makes the bond between the mother and the child deeper and it allows the parents to address him in a more personal way. Knowing his sex at an earlier time also makes picking a name and shopping for the baby’s stuff less gruelling. There is really nothing seriously negative about undergoing ultrasound in so far as disclosing the gender is concerned apart from defeating the surprise it brings at birth.

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