15 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms & More

What to Expect When You Are Already 15 Weeks Pregnant

Your 15 weeks pregnant bump is getting bigger. This makes you extremely excited about your baby’s developments. Although it is not exciting to know about any painful 15 weeks pregnant symptoms that may manifest anytime now, it is quite intriguing if you will feel any better at this point.

How Big Your Baby Is At This Point?

The baby on your 15 weeks pregnant belly is already 4 inches long. It’s already weighing around 2 1/2 ounces, similar to an apple.

What are the Developments on Your Baby’s Organs and Physique?

His lungs are beginning to develop and it manifests in the way he moves amniotic fluid by means of his nose and respiratory tract. His reaction to the amniotic fluid enhances his primitive air sacs.

His arms and legs are evidently longer at 15 weeks. He already has the capability to move his limbs and joins. He can also have a glimpse of the light. However, his eyelids are still shut. But if he sees a beam of light he typically moves away from it.

At 15 weeks, your baby does not have taste buds just yet. This means, everything he eats is still bland. His taste buds are forming and it won’t take long before it gets developed.

Can You Find Out Your Baby’s Gender at 15 Weeks?

Pregnancy at 15 weeks lets you find out the gender of your baby. If you are scheduled for an ultrasound, you are likely to see the sex of your child but it still depends on the way his body is positioned on your womb. There is a possibility that your baby is curled up and this prevents the ultrasound from capturing his organ.

What’s Up With Your Body at 15 Weeks of Pregnancy?

Pregnancy week 15 usually treats the expectant moms with more kindness. You may feel like your nose is stuffed at times but you should not worry too much 15 weeks pregnant what to expectabout this. It’s one of the symptoms of pregnancy called rhinitis of pregnancy. It is believed that this transpires because of the effects of hormonal imbalance. You may also experience nosebleeds and your increased blood volume and the expansion of your blood vessel are the reasons why these circumstances take place.

How Can Your Doctor Check on Your Baby for Developmental Abnormalities?

You may go for amniocentesis at this point on your pregnancy. But you can wait until you are 18 weeks to get this done. It is a prenatal test that lets the doctor screen the fetus for developmental abnormalities. This is done by having a sample of your amniotic fluid through a needle that will be inserted into the uterus. You may feel a bit uncomfortable waiting for its result. But knowing that most women who went through the same process found relief after getting the good news, you will surely have the courage to patiently wait for it.

Can You Start Feeling Your Baby Move On Your Tummy at 15 Weeks?

Usually, expectant moms can feel their baby moving between 16 to 22 weeks. However, there are also cases when the baby starts to kick and flutter by the time he is 15 weeks. He actually started moving when he was only 7 weeks but you have not had a clue. Feeling your baby move is truly a wonderful thing. Women who have given birth before can actually detect subtle kicks and jabs at an earlier time than new moms.

How can you tell if it’s really your baby’s movement you are feeling on you tummy?

Moms who have experienced this say that it’s similar to popping popcorn or a fluttering butterfly. Of course, this should not be taken literally. Baby movements are sweet surprises you will learn to recognize when they become a regular occurrence. Baby movements usually happen when you are lying or sitting still.

Any Suggestion How I Can Help in My Baby’s Development?

At 15 weeks of pregnancy, you should be talking to your baby more frequently. It’s a beautiful way to get close with your child. Talk to him as if he is just right in front of you. Tell him what you did that day or what you are about to do in a while. You may also read out loud or sing a song. The experts say these activities help in developing the baby’s language skills.

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