Your Body at 16 Weeks Pregnant

16 Weeks PregnantYour Physical Changes at 16 Week Pregnant

It has been 16 weeks since you conceived and probably a few weeks ago when you learned you are pregnant. The excitement is going up and you and your spouse have probably started counting the days until you get to lay your hands on your cute little angel.

But while you are still not even half way to go; you should be aware first about what is going on with your 16 weeks pregnant belly lately.

Growth Spurt at Pregnancy Week 16

Pregnancy at 16 weeks means you are about to experience growth spurt anytime now. Growth spurt is the period when your baby will suddenly double in weight. During growth spurt, your baby will also get a few inches longer. By now, your child size is similar to that of an avocado. He is more or less 4 1/2 inches in length, from head to rump, and weighs about 3 1/2 ounces.

Developments on Your Baby’s Organs and Body Parts

Baby at 16 weeks is characterized by much more developed legs. His head has also developed and it is more erect that the previous week. His scalp already has patterns but hair is not evident yet. There already a bit of toenails!

Meanwhile, your 16 weeks pregnant bump signifies that your baby heart is beginning to pump approximately 25 quarts of blood in a day. This amount increases as your baby grows inside your tummy.

What Happens to Your Body at Week 16 of Pregnancy?

When you are 16 weeks pregnant, the upper part of your uterus is already almost halfway between your navel and pubic bone. As the days pass, you can feel a little better. Little by little nausea is vanishing and your mood swings are becoming more manageable. If you have not noticed yet, the people around you might have observed how your skin is starting to glow. Any expression of praise from anyone will surely make you feel great.

Baby Movements

At 16 weeks, you can possibly feel your baby moving. There are some moms who have to wait until their 18th to 20th week to experience this. Supposing you won be able to go through this at 16 weeks, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Your baby is moving inside but in a few days, you will be able to feel it so don be impatient.

Your baby first moves will basically involve tiny flutters. It a very slight movement but the sensation is somewhat similar to popping popcorn. Soon, your baby movements will become intense. By that time, you can let your husband touch your tummy and wait until your baby kicks or flutters.

Understanding Weight Gain During Pregnancy

If your weight when you got pregnant is average, you should try to gain at least 12 to 14 pounds at this point. If you were underweight or overweight when you started your pregnancy, your doctor will advise you how you can have your weight fitting to the stage of your pregnancy.

According to the Institute of Medicine, your condition requires you to consume around 340 more calories every day. Please take note that this amount still depends on the activities you do and your current weight. It is best to be guided by your doctor on how much calories you need to consume.

What Should You Do In Case You Are Gaining Too Much Weight?

In case you the weight you are gaining is no longer appropriate, your doctor will surely ask you to be a little mindful on your diet. It will help if you start your day with a hearty breakfast.

Have the right amount of protein, carbohydrates and fiber during this time of the day. Try to include more vegetables, lean meat, low-fat dairy products and whole grains on your meals.

Make sure your snacks are also nutritious. Instead of junk foods, opt for nut butters, cheese, plain yogurt or raw vegetables.

Also, try to avoid drinking too much juice or soda. It will be easier to stop yourself from consuming these beverages if you do not include them on your grocery list while you are still pregnant. Drink more water instead.

If your doctor asked you to exercise to help you lose weight, make an effort to make it a routine. Remember, this is not just for your own good; the baby inside your womb is also depending on you.

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