The Excitement of Being 17 Weeks Pregnant

Week 17 Pregnancy and it’s Excitment

17 Weeks Pregnant
The excitement of being 17 weeks pregnant is just inexplicable. You know your baby is getting bigger and bigger and you cannot wait to have him in your arms and see which of his facial features resemble yours.

How Developed Is Your Baby at 17 Weeks?

Pregnancy at 17 weeks marks your baby’s bone development. What used to be just a soft cartilage is now a stronger bone. It can also be noticed that his umbilical cord is now characterized by thickness and more strength.

At 17 weeks, you baby is approximately 5 inches long, from his head to his bottom. He now weights similar to a turnip which is about 5 ounces. Your baby already has the ability to move his joints. Even his sweat glands are now forming.

17 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Other Life Changes

Losing Your Balance.

On account of your 17 weeks pregnant belly, you will feel that you are getting off balance. You will get more of it since your belly will continue to grow and your center of gravity will constantly change.

Since you are feeling unsteady on your feet, there is always the risk of falling. To avoid this accident, always go for low-healed footwear. When riding a car, do not forget to buckle up. You should stay away from anything that can cause trauma to your abdomen. Such circumstance can put your baby in a very dangerous situation.

Eyes Getting Drier.

If you notice that your eyes are getting drier, this is also one of 17 weeks pregnant symptoms you will experience. Ask your doctor how you can have this issue resolved. In most cases, your doctor will ask you to make use of lubricating drops to ease the dryness. Expectant moms who are wearing contact lenses may find it more challenging now that they pregnant and their eyes are drying. If this is also your case, you can switch to glasses for the time being. Wait until you give birth before you go back to wearing contact lenses again.

Nights of Dreams During Pregnancy

A lot of women notice that during their pregnancy, they experience frequent dreams. Some even say that these are not the typical dreams they are used to but ones that are more intense. Based on studies, during the second and third trimesters, expectant moms spend shorter time in REM (rapid eye moment) sleep. REM is when most dreams take place.

When you are pregnant you get the impression of having more dreams because your sleep now is more interrupted. You have to wake up to pee or shift position in bed. You also suffer from many uncomfortable symptoms like leg cramps, heartburn and backache which all interfere with your sleep.

For the reason that pregnant women are more emotional, they feel like their dreams are more intense when it actually nothing different from the ones they had when they were not pregnant.

What your dreams are trying to say?

Patricia Garfield, the author of Women  Bodies, Women Dreams, who also

happens to be a clinical psychologist, made a list of the most common kind of dreams that pregnant women encounter. She also tried to interpret the meaning of these dreams.

Dreaming about baby animals when you are 17 weeks pregnant means you are focused on your instincts. When you dream about friendly animals, it is believed that you are ready and eager to become a mom in all aspects. Meanwhile, if your dreams have menacing animals, there is still a part of you that is not sure about how you feel with the arrival of new challenges in your life.

Erotic dreams are also common to pregnant women. Patricia Garfield associated this with your concern about how your sexual life will change with the coming of a new baby. Sexy dreams also reflect some pregnant women’s strong sexual drive during pregnancy.

The experts believe that since people cannot do anything to avoid dreaming, pregnant women should not stress themselves with its meaning. You can just ignore it or share it with your spouse but try not to worry too much about what it is trying to say. Just keep in mind that dreams are normal circumstances and it is up to you how you will interpret them. Since you are pregnant and you  want every stage of it to become a happy memory, always think positive.

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