18 Weeks Pregnant Baby Weight

18 Weeks PregnantUnderstanding Your Baby’s Development in Week 18

Your 18 weeks p regnant bump is a reminder that, in more or less, 22 weeks, the child inside your womb will finally come out. But since you and your spouse still have a lot of waiting to do, it is best to find out how developed your baby is at 18 weeks.

Your Baby’s Developments at 18 Weeks

Your baby  measurement from his head to rump is approximately 5 1/2 inches long. His weight is about 7 ounces, similar to a bell pepper. At this point, your baby is enjoying moving his arms and legs by muscular control. This time around, it is easier for you to know that he is flexing inside your womb and you can expect that this will get more intense in the weeks to come.

Looking at his still transparent skin, his blood vessels are very visible. His ears have finally formed and are already positioned just where they should be.

His nerves now have the protection of myelin and this will stay as it is for one whole year after his birth.

Supposing your child is a girl, her uterus and fallopian tubes are now developed and properly position. If the baby is a boy, his genitals are becoming more evident. Although his sex organ is now noticeable, there is still a chance that the child gender will not be revealed during ultrasound. Your baby has to be in a position that will perfectly show his genitals in the course of the ultrasound.

8 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms You Should Be Ready For

Food cravings

It seems like your baby at 13 weeks is making you feel hunger more frequently. Do not be surprised if your appetite continues to increase. There will be specific foods that you are craving now and due to hormonal imbalance, you will feel bad and deprived if you fail to have the edible that you have intense desire for.

It should be mind over matter when it comes to food cravings. You should not make this an excuse to indulge on unhealthy stuff. Make it a point that you pick highly nutritious snacks. Forget about cola, sweets and chips for now.

Bigger clothes for bigger waistline

Pick more comfortable clothes for your 18 weeks pregnant belly. Your waistline is growing and your clothes must have room for the extra size you will gain in the coming weeks.

When purchasing maternity clothes, it is important that you look for features that focus on flexibility and style. You may go for dresses with adjustable waist bands or drawstring. Empire waist tops and dresses are also recommended. Go for patterns and solid colors to look slimmer. There are maternity clothes that are very unflattering and you should try to avoid them so you can still look and feel good about yourself.

More dizziness

At 18 weeks, your cardiovascular system is going through drastic transition. This stage in pregnancy is the time when expectant moms blood pressure becomes lower. It causes dizziness, especially when you try to get up from a lying or sitting position.

Women who are at pregnancy week 18 are advised to lie down on their side. Lying flat on your back, one of your major veins has the tendency to be compressed by your uterus, resulting to lower blood return to your heart. Putting a pillow behind you when you lie down can help prevent this circumstance.

Baby Screening at 18 Weeks

Your baby at 18 weeks needs to undergo screening for any possible birth defects. In case you have not had your second trimester ultrasound yet, your doctor will probably schedule you for this procedure anytime soon. This screening will include placenta and umbilical cord checking. At this point, you will know whether or not your expected date of delivery is accurate. At 18 weeks, your doctor can also tell how many babies you are carrying through the ultrasound.

It is best to have your ultrasound accompanied by your spouse. It is your chance to see your baby moving around inside your tummy. You may see him sucking his thumb or yawning. This makes a truly memorable experience that you will cherish all your life. You can ask for a printout of his ultrasound images and make it one of your first entries in his baby album.

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