What To Expect If You Are 19 Weeks Pregnant?

19 Weeks Pregnant

19 weeks pregnant – what to expect

Around 21 weeks before you give birth, you are probably thinking how your child looks. It excites you to think that after a few weeks, you will be able to know which facial features your baby will acquire from you and how much he will look like your spouse. Since you are already 19 weeks pregnant, you may have a clue based on his ultrasound images, supposing you have gone through this procedure. You cannot be blamed if the idea of seeing your child in person gets you more thrilled.

So, how your baby at 19 weeks?

His five senses are already developed.

Your child is incredibly progressing in the aspect of sensory development. At 19 weeks, his brain is already working on his senses. He is gradually becoming familiar with his sense of sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing.

He can possibly hear your voice.

There are researches which claim that a 19 weeks baby inside the tummy can already hear his mother voice.

The experts suggest that moms read aloud when they are 19 weeks pregnant. Talking to the baby and singing are also strongly recommended. Talking to your baby whether through singing or reading is actually regarded as one of the best prenatal enrichment strategies.

These practices aid in the intellectual development of your baby. At the same time, singing and talking to someone that is so dear to you can reduce maternal tension. You need this especially when facing the 19 weeks pregnancy symptoms.

He has increased in length and weight.

Normally, your 19 weeks pregnant belly is carrying an 8 1/2 ounces baby. His length is approximately 6 inches, from his head to bottom. His size is similar to that of an heirloom tomato and his legs and arms are already appropriate with the size of his body.

Life When 19 Weeks Pregnant

Lower Abdominal Pain

Your 19 weeks pregnant belly is growing more rapidly now. This causes discomforts on your lower abdomen. Your sides also have the tendency to ache particularly when you are trying to shift position and when you had an active day. The experts refer to this as round ligament pain.

Your uterus is supported by ligaments which carry out adjustments so you can bear with your weight gain during pregnancy. Round ligament pain should not make you worry because this is relatively common to pregnant women. However, if you think the pain is worsening, immediately make an appointment with your doctor.

Skin Changes

At pregnancy week 19, you may also notice changes on your skin. Some expectant moms observe that the palms of their hands are turning red. According to the experts, this is brought about by the increase of estrogen in the body. Do not be surprised if you see dark skin patches. This comes out because of increased pigment but it will only take place for a limited time.

If skin discoloration appears on the upper lip, forehead or cheeks, you may be experiencing chloasma. In common terms, this is called mask of pregnancy Other skin changes that come with pregnancy are darkening of the nipples, scars, underarms, inner thighs and vulva. There will be a dark line that runs from your belly down to your public bone. This is your dark line also known as linea nigra. All these are just symptoms of pregnancy and these are not a disease to be worried about.

How to lessen skin pigmentation during pregnancy?

Expectant moms are advised to keep wrapped up when going outdoors. It is important to protect the skin from the harmful sun rays. Find a sunscreen protection that is safe for pregnancy. There are ones made of natural ingredients and these are not likely to cause negative side effects. Seek for your doctor’s advice to guarantee safety.

Keep in mind that the changes on your skin will eventually fade away after your pregnancy. Although it may take time for your skin to go back to its usual appearance, you do not actually have to undergo treatment for it. In case you want to immediately get rid of the patches of dark skin on your body, ask your doctor which topical solutions he can recommend.

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