2 Weeks Pregnant What to Expect

2 Weeks Pregnant – What Happens at This Stage

Symptoms of 2 Weeks PregnancyYour 2 weeks pregnant experience may be brimming with mixed emotions. Although the case varies from woman to woman, a lot of expectant moms in their 2 weeks feel excited about the whole thing. However, there are some who find child-bearing a little frightening. It’s quite understandable especially if you are a first-time mom. By means of exerting an effort to understand every stage of the wonderful journey of pregnancy, you can shed off any negative emotion that you might have about pregnancy, giving birth and even motherhood.

The 2 weeks pregnant symptoms happen to be among the most significant matters every expectant moms must be well-informed about. Knowing that these symptoms are just normal in pregnant women will make it easier for you to cope up. Instead of focusing on these discomforts, the right attitude would be finding relief and ensuring your health and that of the tiny creature inside your 2 weeks pregnant bump.

Symptoms of 2 Weeks Pregnancy

Pregnancy at 2 weeks means having only a few symptoms like tender breasts, dizziness, nausea and drowsiness. However, the level of discomfort that these symptoms can bring differs from woman to woman. Some may experience a really terrible headache while the lucky ones may not even have a clue they are pregnant because of the absence of symptoms.

In the next 9 month or even longer, you will not have your period. Menstruation will resume a few weeks after giving birth. Your uterus will begin generating endometrium to form the kind of environment your baby needs to implant.

Baby at 2 Weeks

The 2-week old baby in your womb is at the stage wherein he is regarded as embryo This creature is currently made up of 150 cells which will be divided into three layers.

  • The first layer or the internal layer makes up the endoderm or the endoblast which will transform into the digestive system and respiratory tract which is comprised of the pancreas, thyroid, thymus and the liver.
  • The second layer, also called mesoderm, will soon transform into bones, cartilage, inner skin layer, muscles, circulatory system, genitalia, excretory system and the outer covering,
  • The third layer is the ectoderm or the ectoblast part which will become your child brain, nervous system and epidermis which is comprised of the skin, nails and hair.

As these layers transform, the embryo remains floating in the uterus which is given protection by the uterus lining. Your baby is too tiny, measuing only about .1 to.2 mm long.

Do and Don When 2 Weeks Pregnant

1. Make it a point to visit your doctor the moment you suspect you are pregnant. You need a professional guidance to ensure the safety of your pregnancy. Before you head to your doctor clinic, make a list of questions which you want to be answered by a medical professional. Even if the internet can endow you with tons of information about pregnancy, those are nothing compared to your personal doctor advice.

These are some samples of matters you may discuss with your doctor during your consultation.

  • If you are a smoker and you need help to completely refrain from smoking, ask your doctor if she can suggest any resources which can help you ward off the habit.
  • Mention the medications you are taking. Let your doctor tell you if any of your medicines can be harmful to your baby. Ask for alternatives for ones that are not appropriate to your condition.
  • If any of your family members has health issues and it bothers you thinking if your baby can acquire the same condition, immediately inform your doctor about it. The thought of it can be very stressful and it not good for you and your baby. By keeping your doctor informed, best efforts will be exerted to keep your baby protected from any risk.

2. Pregnancy should not stop you from doing the things you like provided these will not cause harm to your condition. If you are fond of reading and you are a fan of yoga and meditation, you may continue taking on these activities. Pregnancy can sometimes make you tensed. You need some fun me time to chill out.

3. If you are a coffee addict, it is time you switch to healthier drinks. Increase your intake of water and go for coconut water, lemonade, fruit and vegetable juices instead of beverages with caffeine. Quit drinking coffee gradually so the impact on your body will not be harsh.

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