What to expect from your baby at 21 weeks?

How Is Life When 21 Weeks Pregnant

He’s already as big as a carrot

21 Weeks PregnantYour 21 weeks pregnant belly is now measures 10 1/2 inches in length and weighs around 11 to 12 1/2 ounces.  It’s as big as a regular carrot already. Your baby still has a lot of growing to go through but you will eventually feel that your tummy tenant is already getting cramped.

He moves a lot because there’s still a lot of available space on your tummy

When you reach the point when your uterine walls begin closing in, that’s when your baby will lie low from twisting and turning. But with pregnancy at 21 weeks, expect that your baby will still engage in a lot of somersaulting inside your tummy.

He sleeps like a newborn baby

It may be unbelievable because it’s just been weeks since you conceived, but your baby is already sleeping. He sleeps most of the time just like the newborn babies you have probably encountered.

He is enjoying his developed buds

At 21 weeks, your child has also developed his buds. He is beginning to swallow a tiny piece of amniotic fluid. In fact, your baby is already enjoying the taste of the food that you eat. The amniotic fluid’s taste differs from time to time and it depends on what you eat.

There are studies that prove a baby is more eager to eat food which he has tasted when he was still on the mom’s womb. Therefore, expectant moms are advised to each as much veggies as they can so that when their child is born, he will be used to eating vegetables.

He does swallowing not just for the purpose of becoming hydrated or getting nutrients, but also to practice how to digest food. You may notice that by the time the baby is already in the arms of his mother, he knows how to swallow.

His body parts are beginning to be in harmony

Your baby is starting to get his body parts, particularly his arms and legs, coordinated. The size of his arms and legs are already proportioned. The neurons have already formed and his cartilage has turned into bone. These changes are enabling your child to move his limbs in accordance to his control. This is event with his frequent kicking and stretching.

What to Expect From Your Body When You Are 21 Weeks Pregnant

By this time, your child is already starting to leave traces on your tummy. Stretch marks are forming all over your stomach. There may also be some on your butt, thighs, hips and breasts. These stretch marks usually come in either pink or red streaks. These marks emerge when your body expands. Your breasts and tummy are the main target of stretch marks because these parts of your body continue to grow until you give birth. The tissue that provides support underneath your skin is gets torn as the skin stretches.

Studies reveal that while stretch mark is common to expectant women, there are still lucky moms who don’t experience having this. However, if your mom did acquire stretch marks when she was pregnant, you are also likely to go through the same experience.There are also observations that say women with darker skin are not likely to have stretch marks unlike those with fair skin who are not as lucky in this aspect.

What to Do With Stretch Marks?

It may be devastating to know that there is really no way you can prevent having stretch marks. After you gave birth, getting rid of stretch marks might be one of your personal agenda. However, there is really no way you can have it erased. What you can do is try to fade the marks. The market has a lot of products to offer specializing on stretch marks. Some even claim they can have your marks disappear in just a matter of days or weeks. These claims should act as an indicator that you should not go for these products. Better opt for skin hydrating products as these help make the skin more toned and smoother. Other options which women patronize to get rid of stretch marks are retinoid, lasers and dermabrasion. Always seek your doctor’s opinion before going for these procedures.

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