22 Weeks Pregnant Baby Position

22 weeks pregnant bellyThe Milestones of  Your Baby at 22 Weeks

Weight and Length

It may come as a surprise knowing how much weight your baby has gained from last week. At this point, the resident of your 22 weeks pregnant belly is similar to the size of a tiny doll. He is already a one-pounder! If you are curious how heavy your baby would be if you can carry him on your arms, try holding a pound of sugar. Imagine that’s already your baby! To further help you visualize how big your baby is at 22 weeks, grab anything that measures 11 inches in length. That’s how long your child is at the moment.

Sense of Touch, Sight and Hearing

Pregnancy week 22 marks your child’s more developed sense of touch, sight and hearing. His vision is gradually developing. He is beginning to recognize darkness and light. Even if his eyelids are still fused, he would know if you are shining a ray of light over your tummy. He is surrounded by the darkness of your womb most of the time so you can just imagine how delightful he is whenever he perceives light. Your baby is also beginning to hear your voice. He is starting to recognize the sound of your heartbeat and stomach and even the rushing sound produced by your blood circulation.

Also, your baby at 22 weeks is already practicing his grip and if he has done it in the previous weeks, it is much stronger this time! There is nothing to hold inside your womb so he basically grabs the umbilical cord.

22 Weeks Pregnant SymptomS

Bigger Feet

Your uterus has gone an inch over your belly button. First-time moms would be surprised to find out that there are other parts of the body which seem to grow along with the tummy. Your feet are likely to get bigger, too, and it’s nothing to worry about because it’s part of the symptoms when 22 weeks pregnant. Although this does not happen to every expectant mom, it will be best and practical if you refrain from purchasing expensive pair of shoes at this point.

Edema and Relaxin

The experts explain the changes in one’s foot size during pregnancy by relating it to edema, also known as pregnancy swelling. Pregnancy specialists also incorporate a rather deeper explanation to it which has something to do with relaxin.

The pregnancy hormone, relaxin, is responsible in making your ligaments and joints whip into shape so your pelvis gets to provide room for your baby. This is also the same reason why there are times you feel like you are at your clumsiest. When the ligaments on your feet loosen up, the structure of the bones beneath them will be changed, leading to a slight increase on the size of your feet.

Now that you are aware of this 22 weeks pregnancy symptom, you will not be surprised if you need to head to the mall the soonest that you can to replace your old pairs of shoes. Always go for comfy footwear and ones that are slip-resistant especially on wet weather. The market now has a lot of stylish pairs for pregnant women so you will absolutely have a great time shopping for them.

Start Collecting Creative Ideas for Your Nursery

You may start gathering ideas for your nursery at this point in your pregnancy. The tenant on your 22 weeks pregnant bump deserves only the best when he comes out. Apart from picking a name for your child, one of the most exciting parts of having a new baby is planning for the nursery. Take advantage of the internet when picking a design. At 22 weeks, you probably already know the gender of your baby so it is just the ideal time to gather decorations for the nursery. Do not forget to keep your choices practical especially now that a new member of the family is coming. You can come up with a really good project without having to dole out a huge amount of money. There are more important things you will need money for when the baby arrives so save your money for those essentials.

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