23 Weeks Pregnant Baby Movement

Your Baby’s Milestones on Weeks 23

23 Weeks Pregnant Baby MovementLength and Weight

Your baby has gone 11 inches in length. He probably weighs a little heavier than a pound now but expect that in a few more days, you will witness how fast he will gain weight. In fact, in less than a month, your 23-weeks-pregnant-belly resident can possibly double his weight. You will surely feel the added heaviness on your tummy when that time comes.


Your baby’s skin develops quicker than his fat. For this reason, his skin appears a little saggy. At this point, his skin is still transparent that his bones and organs can be seen from outside his body. Your child’s developing veins and arteries are also evident on the red hue on his skin. But it will soon disappear as fat fills in his skin which will make it firmer.When your baby comes out, he will beautifully shape up to the point you cannot resist kissing his chubby cheeks.


At 23 weeks, you can hear your child’s heartbeat via Stethoscope. This milestone is truly touching and it’s an unforgettable moment that mom and dad should witness together. Although you may have listened to his beating heart through Doppler, hearing it by means of a regular stethoscope gives an impression that your baby is really on his way out!

Week 23 Pregnancy Symptoms

Fuzzy Mind

Progesterone is already taking its toll on your body, particularly on your brain. This will make you suffering from frequently having a fuzzy mind. Having to deal with this condition can possibly make you become irritated but it’s all understandable.

Your Hands and Your Feet

You may notice that your palms and the soles of your feet have turned red. It can be due to heat rash which is also normal to expectant moms. There may also be indications of skin tags. Your feet might get bigger as a result of pregnancy swelling or pregnancy hormone. Redness can possibly occur on this part of your body, too.

Stretch Mark

Most pregnant women are not likely to pass through this stage without having a glimpse of stretch marks on their 23 weeks pregnant tummy. These pregnancy traces usually form in the stomach, thighs and breasts. These come in vibrant pink or purple. The sight of stretch marks can be saddening but one has to accept that it’s really part of it. The joy that pregnancy brings can shed off this disappointment, especially when you see your baby.

Linea Negra

Linea Negra is also known as ‘pregnancy dark line’. This occurs to most pregnant moms but tends to be more evident in darker-skinned individuals. It’s a dark line that runs from the belly button down to the pubic area. The pregnancy hormone is still the one responsible for its formation.

Darker Areolas

This symptom is also caused by pregnancy hormone. Your areolas not only get bigger when you are pregnant, they also become darker. You may also notice the veins on your breasts now. Don’t freak out, it happens because of the increase in blood flow on your body which is necessary to support the growth of your baby.


Your 23 weeks pregnant bump may also come with chloasma. Its common term is ‘mask of pregnancy’. It is a skin discoloration condition, which is characterized by patches of skin on the forehead, cheeks and upper lip.

How to Deal with Skin Discoloration When Pregnant?

Keep in mind that any treatment for skin discoloration can be dangerous to your pregnancy and even immediately after you give birth and while you are breastfeeding. It is strongly advised to have this matter discussed with your doctor so you’ll know when you can be treated and which treatment is best for you.

Meanwhile, to prevent skin discoloration, protect yourself from the sun. If you really have to go outdoors on a sunny day, be equipped with sun protection materials like a hat or umbrella.

If you wish to wear sun screen to shield yourself from the dangers of ultraviolet and avoid skin discoloration from further forming on your body, seek opinion from your doctor first. She may recommend sun screen products of which ingredients are safe for your pregnancy.

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