Baby at 25 Weeks Pregnant

The Changes on Your Baby at 25 Weeks

25 Weeks PregnantIf you are to measure your 25 weeks pregnant bump resident, you will get 13 1/2 inches length and 1 1/2 pounds weight. It’s like a rutabaga’s dimensions. Your baby’s starting to gain weight because of his forming fats. These are already making his wrinkled skin smoother and his appearance is nearing that of a newborn baby. The skin of your baby is becoming pinker and it has nothing to do with heat. Your amniotic fluid has a way to control its temperature. The pinkish effect on your baby’s skin is brought about by the small blood vessels or the capillaries, which are developing and becoming filled with blood. Even your baby’s hair continues to grow and its color and texture are becoming more obvious as the days go by.
At 25 weeks pregnant, your baby’s lungs will also get more and more developed. In a matter of few weeks, your baby will have his first breath. At present, it still has a lot of growing to do before it reaches its full maturity. It is already generating surfactant which is necessary in expanding oxygen. As your baby grows, his lungs will be more capable to send oxygen to the bloodstream and discharge carbon dioxide. To ready your baby for air intake, his nostrils must be open. At this point, these are still plugged up but the changes will take place this week. With open nostrils, your little one can start practicing his breathing.

25 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms


Swelling blood vessels in the rectal area happen to be one of the pregnancy symptoms you will experience at 25 weeks. This may be the first time that you will experience having hemorrhoids and you are probably wondering why this suddenly takes place.
Just like having varicose veins on your legs, hemorrhoids happen during pregnancy because of your growing uterus. It puts more pressure on the pelvic veins. The large veins located at the right side of your body also endure more pressure during pregnancy. This circumstance makes the return of blood from your lower body a lot slower, causing the pressure on the veins located below your uterus to heighten up.

Prevention and Cure of Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

To avoid suffering from hermorrhoids during pregnancy, it is advised that you prevent getting constipated. Include more fiber on your daily meals with fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains. Ask your gynaecologist which exercise you can perform and do it in moderation on a regular basis. Never strain when you are in the process of moving your vowels as this heightens the pressure on the rectum area. Try to learn how Kegel exercises are done. This method improves the circulation in the rectal area and makes the muscles surrounding the anus a lot stronger.
To relieve hemorrhoids during pregnancy, you may apply an ice pack to the area. Do it as frequent as you can since it lessens the swelling and takes away the discomfort. You may also alter the ice pack with a warm compress or soak your bottom in a tub with warm water.


You might be surprised to hear from your spouse that you are snoring. The culprit could be nasal congestion as a result of hormonal changes linked to pregnancy. Weight gain is also another reason why you suddenly become a snorer. But to make sure there is no underlying medical issue behind your snoring, you should discuss it with your gynecologist right away. Snoring can be an indication of gestational diabetes. Your doctor may recommend having glycise screening test to confirm it.

How to Deal With Snoring When Pregnant

Use a nasal strip. This is a safe anti-snoring product. You may also set up a humidifier in your room during the evening. Sleep on your left side with your head slightly elevated as this position promotes better circulation. It will also help if you maintain a healthy weight by limiting your intake of calories. There are also pregnancy pillows which you can use to comfortably contour your whole body while sleeping and reduce snoring. These are also known as maternity pillows which you can purchase in local stores and online shops.

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