Life When 26 Weeks Pregnant

How’s Your Baby at 26 Weeks

26 Weeks PregnantYour child’s ears have developed a lot in the past days. Its network of nerves makes his ears more sensitive. He is already hearing your voice and those around you, particularly your spouse. He is also beginning to inhale and exhale a little amount of amniotic fluid. It helps in his growing lungs and it practices him for that first gulp of air he will face when he is born.
Your baby continues to gain weight. He is already 1 2/3 pounds and 14 inches long. Your baby’s testicles are starting to grow into his scrotum if your child happens to be a boy. It will take around two months for this part of his body to get fully developed.

Your baby’s eyes are beginning to open now. He already has the ability to see things although the view on your 26 weeks pregnant bump is not really exciting. To see if your child can already have a glimpse of watch happening around him, you may try shining a flashlight at your tummy and see how your baby will react to it.

26 Weeks Common Pregnant Symptoms

Outie Navel

Your 26 weeks pregnant bump is now showing signs of protruding navel. You’re already around 66% of your pregnancy and it’s making your uterus just a couple and a half above your navel. You may notice that your belly button is protruding and it’s way different from what it normally looks. A protruding navel does not cause any harm so you should not be worried about it. If it does not look attractive to you and you don’t want it to be seen by anyone else, make use of appropriate clothes like ones that are loose fitting. Do not worry, this will be back to normal when you have given birth.


Pregnancy comes with a lot of discomforts and these are basically the reasons why you are likely to suffer from insomnia at this point in your life. This symptom manifests through a variety of forms but it all boils down poor quality sleep. You may have difficulty in falling asleep or returning to sleep. It is also possible that you experience waking up a few times during the night.

Insomnia during pregnancy could be due to the bigger abdomen, heartburn, back pain or frequent urination. Your hormonal changes can also contribute to this symptom, as well as feeling anxious and having strange dreams.

Forming Your Birth Plan at Pregnancy Week 26

Making plans for the birth of your child provides you an opportunity to have the kind of delivery you desire. This lets you pick the way things will be handled from the time you get into labor until your child is born. However, it is important to recognize the fact that no matter how smooth the plans you made, there is a great chance that it will not be followed. Labor is not something anyone can predict. When it happens, the topmost priority will be you and your child’s safety.
Think of the birth plan not as something that needs to be strictly materialized when you give birth. Use it as your guide to make your labor and delivery safer. Have this matter discussed with your healthcare provider so she can enlighten you about what needs to be done and you can tell her your preferences.

When making a birth plan, it is important that you make it in details. Apart from talking to your gynecologist, it will also help if you do your research so you’ll be aware of the options available. Decide on whether you want to experience the natural pain of labor or you want to lean on epidural. Make it known who among your family you would want to have on your side when you give birth. Think if you prefer having a video camera rolling while you are taking on the pain or you want it unrecorded. There are really a lot of details you can include on your plan so it’s up to you which among them you will be very particular about. At week 26 of your pregnancy, you still have a lot of time to think about these matters. So read a lot and take a note of questions you need an answer for. You’ll need this note when you have your next visit to your gynaecologist.

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