27 Weeks Pregnant Baby Moving

Physical Changes of Your Baby at 27 Weeks

27 Weeks PregnantUpon completing your second trimester, the resident of you 27 weeks pregnant bump is already 14 1/2 inches long. He is becoming heavier and is now around two pounds in weight. Four weeks ago, he was just a pounder and you’ll be amazed of how big he has grown in just a span of one month. Just like most babies at 27 weeks inside the womb, your child is probably still enjoying the semi-curled angle inside your uterus. This particular position of babies is known as the ‘fetal position’.

Exciting Milestones

Your Baby’s Starting to Recognize Your Voice

Your baby at 27 weeks is beginning to go through auditory development. It is becoming easier for him to recognize sounds, particularly human voices. Considering that yours is the voice he gets to listen to most of the time, he is at ease hearing you talk. Your baby is also acquainted with the voice of your spouse whom you are with almost all the time.

At 27 weeks, the system of connection of nerves to your child’s ears is getting more developed. This is the best time you start reading books to your 27 weeks pregnant belly. Start seeing songs to your child or simply talk to him as if he’s already out in the real world.

Start learning about nursery rhymes and lullabies and practice it by saying the words out loud. You’ll need to know about these baby materials because as soon as your child comes out, you’re going to have this repeated over and over again for your little one.

Your Baby’s Beginning to Love the Taste of Your Food

Baby at 27 weeks already has developed taste buds. Baby’s taste buds have more developing to go through inside the tummy than the outside world. There’s a slight changes in the taste of the food once it reached your baby. Nevertheless, it’s not bland and the little one will still find it flavorful even ones with the slightest taste.Keep in mind that the food you eat gets to your baby two hours after consumption. So you might want to eat small meals from time to time to feed the little one inside your womb.

Your Baby Experiences Hiccups

You might mistake baby hiccups for belly spasms since the sensation the two bring are similar. Your child is completely okay even if he experiences these involuntary diaphragm contractions at 27 weeks. It might seem like hiccupping is disturbing your baby but it’s actually not. Your child actually has to get used to it because he’ll go through it many times when he is born.

27 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Swollen Feet, Hands and Ankles

Only about a couple of weeks ago, your tummy looked like a soccer ball. But your 27 weeks pregnant bump looks like a basketball now. It may come to you as a surprise, but your tummy is not the only body part that will get evidently big as your pregnancy progresses.

Based on studies, almost three in four expectant moms begin experiencing mild swelling of the limbs at around 27 weeks of pregnancy. If you will notice, your feet, hands and ankles look bigger now.

This condition is referred to as edema in the world of medicine. Edema takes place when the body tissues gets filled out by fluids brought about by increased blood flow. The pressure of the uterine on the vena cava, or that of the vein located on your right body which takes the blood from your lower limbs back to your heart, also contributes to the occurrence of edema on a pregnant woman’s extremities.

Bleeding Gums

You can be the most hygienic person in the world but you cannot stop bleeding gums if your pregnancy hormones decide on hitting this part of your mouth. Your gums can get swollen and inflamed and at times, it can bleed, too. The pregnancy hormones make you vulnerable to plaque and this has a great impact on your oral health. To somehow prevent tooth decay or gingivitis from developing, make an effort to have dental check-up at least once in the course of your pregnancy. Brush your teeth and tongue two to three time a day and use dental floss.

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