28 Week Pregnancy Baby Movement

The Developing Offspring on Your 28 Weeks Pregnant Bump

28 weeks pregnantYour baby at 28 weeks is already weighing 2 1/4 pounds. Imagine a large-sized eggplant, that’s how your baby measures at this point in your pregnant. He is around 14.8 inches long. His has developed a reflex that makes him open and close his eyes. Lashes have come out on his eyes and his sense of sight continues to develop. He can sense a ray of light coming from the outside. The neurons on his brain are developing, making your child more prepared to endure the outside world. Meanwhile, his body is becoming shapelier because of the added fats compared to the previous weeks.

One of the strongest evidences that your baby at 28 weeks is quickly growing is the sound of his heartbeat. You can ask your partner to put his ears on your 28 weeks pregnant belly and listen to the sound that your baby’s heart creates. Through the doctor’s stethoscope, you can hear this wonderful sound more clearly. If you can remember, your healthcare provider had to use Doppler to hear his heartbeat during the earlier stage of your pregnancy.

28 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Now that you are on your third and final pregnancy trimester, you will be asked to visit your gynecologist every couple of weeks. Soon, you will have to endure weekly trips to the doctor’s clinic. For now, you will probably be asked by your health care provider to repeat some blood tests. This is more common to moms who have risks in their pregnancy. But there are doctors who recommend another series of times at around 28 weeks of pregnancy to ensure your health condition before your delivery. This includes the glucose screening test. If the result turns out that your sugar is high, you will undergo a glucose tolerance test which runs for about three hours.

Restless Legs Syndrome or RLS

Restless Legs Syndrome is a truly upsetting symptom of pregnancy. It can make you feel miserable to the point you cannot perform most of your daily chores anymore because of its discomfort. Once RLS hits you, you will have a hard time stopping yousrself from moving your legs just to impede the sensations your legs have to endure. You will feel crawling, burning and tingling sensations in your legs. Your arms and other parts of your body are also prone to have these sensations. It is very unfortunate that RLS sufferers even go through more discomforts when they lie down.

Tips to Relieve RLS During Pregnancy

Exercising regularly can provide relief to RLS. Talk to your doctor which exercises are safe to perform while pregnant.

Walking around or performing squats in the morning. Stretching also works wonders. Do stretching for at least 5 minutes.

Some pregnant moms deal with RLS through relaxation techniques like having a massage or sleeping a lot.

Take a hot bath and rub your legs as you take a shower.

Perform yoga in the evening. This not only relieves RLS but can also make your sleep better.

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD)

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) is a condition with the pelvis that develops when the ligaments in the pelvic joint turns changeable as a result of the impact of the hormone relaxin. SPD’s most common symptoms affect the pubic area and the groin. Other symptoms include back pain, pain when you part your legs, when you walk or when climbing up the stairs.

How to ease the pain caused by SPD?

Try to be physically active to prevent or take your attention away from the pain of SPD. However, it is strongly advised not to perform activities that only worsen the pain. Supposing you are having a hard time sleeping, try to do it on your side. Put a pillow in between your knees and slightly bend your legs. Refrain from standing with just one leg. When changing your clothes, it’s better to be seated while pulling down your bottom garments.
If you think you need professional help to get rid or manage this condition, find yourself a Pelvic, Obstetric and Gynaecological Physiotherapy doctor. It will also help if you communicate this matter with other women who might have experienced SPD to acquire useful advices.

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