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29 weeks pregnantAt 29 weeks, your baby already weighs around 2 1/2 pounds. Try to find a butternut squash to see the actual size of your baby at 29 weeks. When it comes to his body’s length, it is approximately 15 inches long. It is evident that he is growing really quick and it’s because his muscles are getting more and more developed. Even his lungs are shaping up and his head is increasing in size due to the developing brain.

At week 29 in your pregnancy, you should include more nutritional food in your diet. Your baby is growing up really fast and it requires his body more nutrients. In fact, he is eating up a lot of calcium from the food you eat. Therefore, it is necessary that you drink milk to meet your body’s own nutritional requirement. Increase your intake of foods that are rich in protein, folic acid, iron and vitamin c. Meanwhile, cheese, yogurt, fortified orange juice and soybeans are great sources of calcium.

Your baby will be kicking a lot at this point. Since most of the space at your 29 week pregnant belly is occupied, you will be counting your baby’s japs and pokes. Those are either his knees or elbows moving around and you have to expect that they will get more vigorous as your baby grows. He is getting stronger and he has developed the compulsion to respond to any sound, taste, movement or light that he encounters.

29 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Varicose Veins

Pregnancy at 29 weeks marks the emergence of swollen veins on your skin’s surface. Characterized by either blue or purpose veins which are usually bumpy and curvy, varicose veins show up in the legs. Varicose veins can cause discomforts. When you have varicose veins, your legs get heavier. There are times they will be achy and skin surrounding the veins can be very itchy. Burning and throbbing sensations are also some of the things that you will find difficult when you have varicose veins.

Varicose Veins Prevention Tips

It’s hard to deal with varicose veins especially when you are pregnant, so while you are still free from these bumpy and painful stuff, it is better to have a little modification on your lifestyle. Try to make pregnancy exercises a part of your daily routine. It does not have to be a strenuous workout. Even a simple walk around the park can improve your blood circulation. Make it a point that you remain at the recommended weight range. You must be aware of the normal weight range of the stage of pregnancy you are currently at. Spend some time elevating your legs. You can use either a chair or anything sturdy material where you can rest your legs while you are seated. When you lie down, elevate your legs using pillows.

Recurring Migraine and Headaches

The reason why people experience migraine and headaches is still unknown. But for pregnant women, the experts believe that it has something to do with the changes that are happening in your nerves like its pathways, blood flows and neurochemicals and their impact on your brain. It is also believed that estrogen plays a big role why expectant women experience migraine. It’s similar to the kind of pain most women feel during menstruation and menopausal period.

Because there is a possibility that migraine or headache can be due to preeclampsia, it is important that you tell your doctor right away what you are going through. Because you cannot undergo CT scans or any other radiology tests, your doctor will probably ask you to make a headache diary. This diary and your medical history will be used to diagnose your case.

Migraine and Headache Prevention and Relief

To save yourself from the discomforts of migraine, you should be aware what triggers the pain. I could be a specific food or skipping on meals. You are likely to identify it by keeping a headache diary. Drinking plenty of water is also necessary to avoid migraine. It’s also equally important to get enough rest. In case headache hits you, try to massage it or put a cold compress on it to relieve pain.

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