3 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Signs

3 Weeks PregnantWhat Moms Go Through When 3 Weeks Pregnant

Time for Conception and Fertilization

Pregnancy at 3 weeks marks your ovulation period. It’s the moment you can finally confirm your pregnancy. You have conceived and this means the fetus on your womb will soon transform from cell to a human being.

When the lucky sperm meets the outer layer of the egg cell, a barrier will be formed to prevent the sperm from detaching. The fertilized egg will soon be divided into a hundred cells and some of it will form the embryo and placenta. At 3 weeks pregnancy, these cells are still in the form of a microscopic ball. It’s way, way smaller than a period sign so you can just imagine how miraculous life is.

When Blastocyst Adheres to the Wall of the Uterus

As this microscopic ball divides, the cells travel from the fallopian tube to the uterus. This journey will last for around 6 days. When you reached your 4th week, the cell which is now called blastocyst will be implanted in the uterine wall. It will grow into a beautiful creature soon. After nine months, you have a baby to welcome to your family!

Are You Having a Boy or a Girl?

There’s no question you cannot wait to find out if you are having a boy or a girl. You still have to wait for a few months to learn you baby’s gender.

Your fertilized egg is comprised of 46 chromosomes. Half of it came from you and the other half came from your partner. Yours is always an X chromosome. But your partner’s chromosome can be an X or a Y.  Supposing the sperm that had your egg fertilized was an x chromosome, your child will be a girl. If it is bearing Y chromosome, your child will be a boy.

3 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

More Sensitive Sense of Smell

Pregnancy at 3 weeks makes your sense of smell noticeably sensitive. Every scent will seem stronger than before. One of 3 weeks pregnant symptoms is having a heightened sense of smell and your hormone estrogen is responsible for it. You may not be happy with your favorite perfume anymore. There’s also a possibility that you’ll lose appetite on certain foods because you suddenly hate its smell. Unfortunately this symptom leads to another which will make you feel sicker. Heightened sense of smell can make your morning sickness more intense.

The people you are living with or those you spend the most time with definitely know that expectant moms are a little sensitive when it comes to odor. You can politely ask them to put on less perfume or use unscented toiletries. In case you also have problems with the smell of food one is cooking, take the liberty to stay away from the area so you don’t get to smell it.

Metallic Taste

It may seem difficult to incorporate why your 3 weeks pregnant belly is making you suffer from metallic taste, but studies prove this has something to do with your pregnancy hormones. Your taste buds are going wild at this point in your pregnancy and it sadly very difficult to ignore. One way you can lessen this undesirable taste is by sipping lemonade. Drinking other kinds of citrus juices will also help on account of the acid these drinks contain. Any sour candy or foods marinated in vinegar also make great choices until this symptom fades away.

Pressure on Lower Abdomen

It is such a discomfort having pressure on your lower abdomen. It might even give you an impression that something is wrong with your pregnancy because of the sensation it brings. But this feeling is actually common with your 3 weeks pregnant bump. There may also be slight crampiness but nothing is to be worried about if there’s no bleeding. What feels like a pressure on your lower abdomen could be just the embryo implantation. The increase in your blood flow and the thickening of your uterine lining could also be contributors to this sensation. It is best to have all of these changes in your body discussed with your obstetrician. You’ll find relief hearing your doctor say that all of these changes are normal parts of pregnancy.

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