32 Weeks Pregnant What to Expect

32 Week Pregnancy Baby Movement

32 Weeks PregnantWeighing 3 3/4 pounds, with length 16.7 inches, your baby is now as heavy as a big jicama. He is already occupying a huge part of the space in your uterus. From this point on, you will be gaining approximately one pound every week. Half of those pounds are actually the weight your baby will gain. In the next few weeks, your baby will gain about 3 1/2 of his birth weight. At this point, your baby has fingernails and toenails. His hair has come out, too. His skin is no longer transparent. The weight he continues to gain from the fat that’s filling in his skin makes it look soft and smooth.

32 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Changes in your blood volume.

The volume of your blood has increased the moment you got pregnant and this is to accommodate the needs of your child. At 32 weeks, your blood volume has probably heightened to up to 50%.

Shortness of Breath

You may be experiencing shortness of breath and heartburn at this point. According to the experts, these symptoms take place because your uterus is pushing up causing your diaphragm to be compressed. As a result, you will have a hard time breathing but you can manage this by maintaining a good posture at all times and lying in bed with your body propped up using pillows. Eating small meals instead of heavy ones can also help lessen the crowding in your stomach, which is another reason why diaphragm and heartburn transpire.

Lower Back Pain

Lower-back pain is also common when you are carrying your 32 weeks pregnant bump. This condition has to be relayed to your doctor. This requires medical attention especially if you are not the kind who is used to backspin. It has to be checked by your doctor because this condition is one of the signs of preterm labor.
Supposing preterm labor has been ruled out, lower back pain when at pregnancy week 32 could mean that the one accountable is your growing uterus. As your uterus gets bigger, the center of your gravity transfers which results to the weakening of the muscles in your abdomen. With this condition, you tend to change your posture and this makes your back the target of the strain.

Tips on Choosing Who You Want to Be With When You Give Birth

With more or less 8 weeks of waiting period, your excitement is surely fetching up. You are probably thinking of the day you will finally give birth. It’s going to be one of the most important events in your life and you are wishing for nothing else but the best for that special day. But have you thought about the people you want to be with when you give birth? Check out the tips below to give you an idea.

Moms have different preference when it comes to the people who will accompany them as they give birth. There are some who only want the medical staff to be around as they give birth. The others want their spouse to be present. A few prefer to have more relatives inside the delivery room while the rest request or a labor coach in the birthing room. There is really nothing wrong with any of these options.

Let your partner know what you prefer. Some men would feel awkward having their presence inside the birthing room. Make sure you discuss this matter with your partner before you make a decision.
You can inform the hospital staff who you want to be with when you give birth. They can keep a note of the people you want to be allowed inside the birthing room. This works best for those who have a lot of relatives volunteering to witness the delivery of their baby.

If you are worried about having to go through long labors or labor complications, you may opt to have a labor coach beside you as you give birth. The presence of a private labor coach while a mom is giving birth has been proven effective in having healthier newborns and shorter labors.

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