33 Weeks Pregnant Baby Position

The Growing Child in Your 33 Weeks Pregnant Belly

33 weeks pregnantYour baby at 33 weeks measures around 4 pounds in terms of weight, just as heavy as a pineapple. He has reached 17 inches in length and his bones are getting harder. His skin is slowly losing its creases because fats are starting to fill it out. Because his skull bones are not completely fused, they tend to move a bit and overlap. This makes your baby’s head capable to get through the birth canal. When he reached his early adulthood, these bones will eventually get fused, giving the brain and the tissues surrounding it more time to expand.

You and Your 33 Weeks Pregnant Bump

Your baby is getting bigger and it means he is occupying more space in your belly. This leads to a number of changes in your system, which are mostly uncomfortable. Getting the right position to sleep becomes a challenge. You will suddenly become clumsy and bumping into objects will be a part of it.

There will be strange sensations in your fingers at this point. It could be pain or numbness and may even affect your hands and wrists. The reason behind this is the fluid retained in your wrists as a result of changes in the level of pressure in the carpal tunnel.

It may come as a surprise that amidst the discomforts of pregnancy week 33, there is actually one that you will be pleased about – the faster growth of your hair and nails! This is brought about by the pregnancy hormones which are currently feasting in your body. Your blood circulation has increased that your metabolism rate even pumped up causing more nutrients to reach to your hair and nails faster than usual.

Pregnancy at 33 Weeks – Is It Still Safe to Have Sex?

Whether you are at 33 weeks in pregnancy or at earlier or later stage, it is still safe to have sex unless your doctor advised you to abstain from doing the deed. In fact, for those who are having normal pregnancy, it is fine to have sex until that moment when their water breaks or when labor starts.

There is a misconception about the baby getting hurt when a pregnant woman is having sex. There is no truth to this belief because the baby is protected by the muscles of the uterus and the amniotic sac. The cervix is also sealed by a thick layer of mucus plug, keeping the baby safe from infection.

Can sex prompt labor?

Sex is not likely to prompt labor or lead to miscarriage. Orgasm can result to slight contractions in the uterus but these are actually harmless.

What sexual positions are safe to perform when pregnant?

Any sexual position is fine as long as you are at ease with it. You and your partner need to come up with ideas on how you can do it in a comfortable manner. Instead of lying on your back, you can try doing the deed sideways or you can position on top of your partner. Be creative and make sure that both of you will find it pleasurable.

When do you need to abstain from having sex while pregnant?

Even if it is safe to have sex all throughout your pregnancy, it is advised to be always cautious. You need to let your doctor know if something unusual takes place during or after the course. One of the things you should not ignore is when you have vaginal bleeding. Your doctor will advise you to stop having sex when your amniotic fluid is leaking or your placenta has covered your cervical opening. If you have preterm labor or premature birth history, it is best to abstain from having sex, too.

Is is normal to have low sex drive when pregnant?

It actually depends on your circumstances. Your physical and emotional state affect your drive for sex. So if you feel tired or you experience nausea most of the time, you are not likely to be in the mood for sex. But in most cases, a pregnant woman’s libido gets back to normal by the time she reaches the second trimester.

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