34 Weeks Pregnant What to Expect

Your Baby at 34 Weeks

34 Weeks PregnantYour 34 weeks pregnant bump now carries a 4 3/4 pounds baby. He weighs like a cantaloupe and measures 18 inches long. It is noticeable that fat layers are forming under his skin. This will make his body temperature ready for his birth. His skin has never been this smooth. His nervous system is developing fast, as well as his lungs.

In case you give birth to your baby at 34 weeks, your child is not likely to have any complication. Babies 34 to 37 weeks do just fine even if they are taken out from their mom’s body a few weeks earlier than the others. There may be a need for these babies to stay in the nursery but they will soon develop just like full-term babies.

Pregnancy Changes at 34 Weeks

Pregnancy at 34 weeks marks another series of fatigue. This is a common first trimester symptom but do not be surprised if it sets in again. The good news is, fatigue at 34 weeks pregnancy is not as difficult to deal with as the first time you experienced it while you are pregnant.  At this point in your pregnancy, tiredness is also common which is brought about by physical strain and poor quality sleep.

Keep in mind that as your due date approaches, it is very important that you save energy. You need to be prepared for your labor day which will call for all the energy you can give. Be careful when you stand after a long period of sitting or lying down. You will get dizzy if you suddenly jump up. Your blood will rush in your legs and feet and there’s a tendency that your blood pressure will get extremely low.

At this stage, you are likely to develop red bumps on your 34 weeks pregnant belly. It can be really itchy and you’ll have the urge to scratch them. Apart from your belly, it can also come up on your buttocks and thighs. This condition is referred to as pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy or PUPPP. Only 1 per cent of expectant moms are actually reported to have welts. In case you are a part of the less fortunate ones who have to deal with these itchy red bumps, let your healthcare provider know about it the soonest that you can. Although this condition is generally harmless, you would not want it to add up to your discomforts.

Getting Acquainted with C-Sections

C-section or cesarean section, is the method of giving birth by means of surgical incision. The mother’s abdomen will be cut to be able to take the baby out. Some moms prefer to have a scheduled c-section while the others have to go through it because of complications which the baby and the mom must be saved from.

Some of the Reasons For Giving Birth Through C-Section

1. Placenta Previa

This condition happens when placenta gets in the lower uterus, causing it to completely or partially cover the cervix.

2. Uterine Rupture

When the uterus tears in the course of pregnancy or labor, haemorrhaging can transpire which can be very risky to both the mother and child. Cesarean has to be performed before bleeding interferes with the supply of oxygen which the baby needs.
3. Placental Abruption.
In case of severe abruption of placenta, c-section has to be performed to save the baby from losing oxygen. Placental Abruption usually transpires in the third trimester of pregnancy.
4. Baby’s in Breech Position
Even if vaginal delivery is also possible with a baby in breech position, many opt for c-section especially when the baby has cord prolapse.
5. Genital Herpes
Having an active genital herpes is enough reason for the doctors to require birth by c-section. Herpes can expose the baby to the virus if natural birth is performed.
6. Gestational Diabetes.
If the mother has been diagnosed with gestational diabetes while pregnant, her baby is more likely to be a big one making, thus, making c-section the safer option. Birth by c-section is also advised when certain complications transpire due to the mom’s irregular sugar level.

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