35 Week Pregnancy Baby Movement

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Understanding Your 35 Weeks Pregnant Condition

35 weeks pregnantYour baby at 35 weeks is trying to fit himself inside your 35 weeks pregnant bump. He is more than 18 inches now and measures around 5 1/4 pounds. Try to carry a honeydew melon to feel how it is like having your child in your arms at this stage. His body is curved and since the space inside your belly is limited, your child can no longer move a lot like he used to. What he can do now are mostly kicks. Most of his organs are fully developed at 35 weeks. His liver can actually perform its function which is the processing of the body’s waste products. On account of his physical attributes, your baby already has the looks of a child ready to come out. Your baby will spend the rest of his days in your belly gaining weight and making his skin smoother.

Your Body at Pregnancy Week 35

Now that you are more or less a month away from giving birth, your uterus is already positioned just below your rib cage. Inside your 35 weeks belly, the volume the amniotic fluid has lessened and most of the space in there is occupied by your growing child. Your uterus has gone really big that it’s already making your internal organs sardined. As a result, you have to endure frequent trips to the bathroom to pee. You also experience heartburn and you have gastrointestinal issues. In case none of these 35 weeks pregnancy symptoms is bothering you, then you should rejoice because you are such a lucky mom!

Counting the Days: What To Do While Waiting for You to Get Into Labor

Enroll in a Childbirth Class

Enrolling in a childbirth class will give you an idea about breathing and relaxation techniques. These classes are headed by professionals who are really experts in the field of childbirth. You can ask questions to them, probably those that your doctor has not explained into details, and get well-explained answers.

Learn How to Breastfeed

Start getting familiar with the basics of breastfeeding. Your baby will not automatically latch on. You have to help him and make it comfortable for your baby. Most new moms have a hard time breastfeeding at first. If you have basic knowledge about this matter, you’ll know right away just how to do it when your baby arrives.

Prepare the Nursery

Start setting up the nursery. Make sure you have the basic necessities more than the decorations. Get him a crib or bassinet. You have to be certain that the nursery will be safe and practical for you and your baby. Keep it well-ventilated or warm, depending on the weather. When everything that’s needed is in place, start decorating the nursery. Be practical and creative. It’s not necessary that everything in the nursery is bought. You can create decorative materials for the room using the available items in your household. Apart from it being more personalized, this will also help you save up on expenses.

Discuss Your Delivery Plans with Your Doctor.

You are probably having your weekly check up by now. It is your chance to discuss which among delivery options you prefer. If the options are not clear to you, you can have it explained to you by your gynecologist. Make sure your partner knows about these delivery details, too, and that he agrees on the option you will pick.

Prepare Your Hospital Bag

There is actually a possibility that anytime now, you will be in labor. Therefore, it is of extreme importance that your hospital essentials are already packed. Seek advice from your mom friends or relatives or do the research on your own. You should have a checklist of what to bring to the hospital when the big day arrives.

Start Your Search for a Pediatrician

Once your baby is out, you have to have him checked by a pediatrician. Seek recommendations from the people you trust. It’s important to check the credibility of the doctor you will choose. Make sure he has all the necessary documents, licenses, trainings and accreditation needed to perform as a pediatrician. Remember, your child’s welfare is in the hands of the paediatrician you will pick so make sure you study your options carefully.

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