Women throughout history gave significant contributions that shaped our society. These women became famous due to their contributions in entertainment, arts, politics, science, to name a few. They serve as an inspiration to all people worldwide.

In no particular order, here are some of the most celebrated women whose names will forever be remembered. They are known as the 50 most popular women in the world. We know that more and more women will continue to contribute to our society, whether their name is on this list of 50 women or not.

List Of 50 Most Popular Women

Oprah Winfrey (1954-) dubbed as the “Queen of All Media”. Oprah is an iconic and influential African American actress, tv host, and philanthropist. She is most known for her successful talk show which tackled various relevant topics that shaped American pop-culture. No one doubts the fact that she merits to be included on the list of 50 most famous women.

oprah winfrey


Madonna (1958-) is a famous American singer and songwriter. Her success skyrocketed when she released her first album in 1983. She continued releasing successful albums in the following years earning her title as the “Queen of Pop”. She also starred in some movies earning her a Golden Globe Award. She also founded and supported several charitable institutions no wonder she is among the 50 most famous women.

Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962) was an American actress, singer and model known as being one of the most iconic Hollywood sex symbols. Her career started as a pin-up model and minor roles in films. During the ’50s, she started working on bigger projects which grew her fame, earning a Golden Globe Awards. Monroe faced many controversies. She also suffered from depression and addiction.

Meryl Streep (1949-) is a famous American woman actress. She is known for her various and versatile portrayals in films. As a testament to her acting skills, she was nominated for the Oscars 21 times and won three awards. A part from her Oscar awards, she has received many other honorary awards, which undoubtedly has put her in the position to be one of the 50 most popular women in our history.

Julie Andrews (1945-) is an English actress, author and singer. She starred in many Broadway musicals. One of her most iconic roles in films is Mary Poppins, which gave her an Academy Award for Best Actress. She starred in many other films earning her several awards. Queen Elizabeth dubbed her as a Dame in 2000.

Katherine Hepburn (1907-2003) was an American actress who appeared in various genres of films. She holds the record for having the most number of Academy Awards, with four awards and 12 nominations.

Judy Garland (1922-1969) was a famous American singer, dancer and actress. She was known for her versatility, appearing in both musicals and dramatic films. She is also a well-known singer. She received awards during her career, including Grammys Album of the Year Award, being the first female artist to win the award.

Audrey Hepburn (1929-1993) was a popular British actress and remembered as a fashion and film icon. She was the first actress who won three separate awards for a single film (Roman Holiday). She was also recognized by The International Best-Dressed Hall of Fame.

Angelina Jolie (1975-) is both known for her work as an actress and as a humanitarian. She won three Golden Globe Awards and an Academy Awards. She also produced and directed several movies. The public praises her for her humanitarian efforts. She advocates women’s rights, education, and conservation.

List Of 50 Most Popular Women Continues

Ellen Degeneres (1958-) is an American actress, talk show host, and writer. She is known for her eponymous talk show. She came out as a Lesbian on national TV and became a voice and a role model of the LGBT groups ever since. Among her accolades are 30 Emmy’s and 20 People’s Choice Awards.

Janet Jackson (1966-) is an iconic American singer, dancer, songwriter, and actress. Her daring and provocative music gained critical success. She released albums selling out 185 million records.

Aretha Franklin (1942-2018) was a famous American singer and musician known as “The Queen of Soul”. She is known for her contributions in the Soul, R&B, Gospel, Pop, and Dance musical genres. She recorded many best-selling hits which awarded her 18 Grammy’s. She also received a Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

Beyonce (1981-) is a Texas-born singer, songwriter, actress, and pop icon. She rose to stardom as the lead singer of one of the best selling girl groups, Destiny’s Child. When the group disbanded, she started making solo albums selling over 100 million records.

Rihanna (1988-) is a famous singer and songwriter known for her unique and various musical styles. She received awards and sold 250 million records worldwide. She also owns a cosmetics brand. She started a foundation that advocates education and emergency preparedness.

Taylor Swift (1989-) is an American singer-songwriter known for recording and writing songs about her personal life. Her songs received critical success and widespread media coverage. She sold 50 million albums and received dozens of awards.

Kim Kardashian (1980-) is an American actress and media personality known for having a reality show about her family. She also developed a steady and strong social media presence with millions of followers on social media platforms. As a businesswoman, she also runs her brand of cosmetics and fragrances. All these have put her among the 50 most popular women in the world , as of the time of our writing of this article.

Lady Gaga (1986-) is one of the best selling music artists, having sold 146 million singles and 27 million albums. She is known for her dance, pop, and electronic music. She also starred in tv series and films.

Shakira Mebarak (1977-) is a Latin singer, dancer, and actress from Colombia. She rose to fame when she released her albums on Spanish-speaking countries. After her fourth Spanish album, she released an English album which sold over 13 million copies.

Britney Spears (1981-) known as the “Princess of Pop”. Her first two albums released in 1999 and 2000 were very successful, making her the best selling teenage artist of all time. People credit her for leading the revival of teen pop.

Scarlett Johansson (1984-) is an American actress and singer. As of 2018, she was named as one of the highest-paid actresses by Forbes. She also received awards and nominations.

Emma Watson (1990-) is a well-known English actress, model, and activist. She rose to fame with her role as Hermoine Granger in the Harry Potter series. Since then, she appeared in various successful films. She is also appointed by the UN as the Women Goodwill ambassador.

Adelle (1988-) is a best-selling English singer-songwriter selling over 120 million records. Her debut album, which was released in 2008, gained critical success. She received hundreds of nominations and awards.

Katy Perry (1984-) is a famous American singer selling over 125 million singles and 18 million albums worldwide. Since 2011, Forbes listed her as one of the highest-earning female musicians. She is also a recipient of various awards, including five American Music Awards and four Guinness World Records awards.

Miley Cyrus (1992-) is an American actress and singer-songwriter. She rose to fame as a child actor. Her musical career sparked controversy and gained widespread media coverage. Despite this, her fame continues to grow earning awards and nominations.

Jennifer Lopez (1969-) also known as J.Lo, is a successful singer, dancer, and actress. Her first acting stint was a success, earning her US$1 million. Since then, she starred in various films making herself as Hollywood’s highest-paid Latina actress. Her success in the music and film industry earned her a star on the Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

Image From: instagram.com, @serena Source: UGC

Image From: instagram.com, @serena
Source: UGC

Serena Williams (1981-) is a professional tennis player who won the most singles titles. The Women’s Tennis Association ranked her as the No. 1, holding the title for 319 weeks. She is also named by Forbes as one of the highest-paid female athletes.

Michelle Obama (1964-) is the former First Lady of the United States, wife to 44th President, Barack Obama. She is the first African American First Lady of the US. She is known as an advocate for women’s rights, education, nutrition, and health.

Hillary Clinton (1947-) is another former First Lady of the US. She is an advocate of health care and various policies. She also served as a senator and nominated for presidential elections. She lost the election but was appointed as Secretary of State.

Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962) served as the First Lady of the United States from 1933 to 1945. She was an advocate for civil rights. She urged the US into joining and supporting the United Nations. The UN appointed her as the first chair of the Commission of Human Rights.

Diana, Princess of Wales (1961-1997) is the first wife of Prince Charles of Wales, mother to Prince William and Prince Harry. She was known for her charity focused on youth and children. She is also an advocate for cancer and mental health awareness. She is an international icon, earning her nickname as the “People’s Princess”.

Kate Middleton (1982-) is the duchess of Cambridge, wife of Prince William, which is next in throne making her the future queen. Following Princess Diana’s footsteps, she is known for her charity works focusing on children, mental health, and art. Time magazine named her as one of the most influential people in the world in 2012 and 2013

Queen Elizabeth II (1926-) is the current queen of the UK, including other commonwealth realms. She holds the record for being the longest-lived, longest-serving head of state. Her popularity in the UK remains high.

Rosa Parks (1913-2005) known as the “First Lady of Civil Rights” and the “Mother of Freedom Movement”. She is best known for pushing equal civil rights during the Montgomery Bus Boycott campaign. She received various awards and honours for her actions. Her recognition as one of the 50 most popular women in the world, to our believe will remain for all times.

Sojourner Truth (1797-1883) is a women’s rights activist and abolitionist. She was the first African-American woman to win a court case against a white man. She was listed as one of the “Most Significant Americans of All Time” by the Smithsonian magazine.

Indira Gandhi (1917-1984) was India’s first and only female prime minister. During her time, she fought for the independence of India with Pakistan. The victory led to their independence and the founding of Bangladesh.

Aung San Suu Kyi (1945-) is a Burmese diplomat and politician, and a Nobel Peace Prize laureate. She played an important role in Myanmar’s transition to partial democracy. She is also the first and current State Counsellor of Myanmar.

Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013) was a British politician who served as the first female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1979-1990. She earned the name “The Iron Lady” due to her uncompromising stance in leadership and politics.

Malala Yousafazi (1997-) is a Pakistani human rights and education advocate and the youngest Nobel Prize laureate. Her advocacy reached international heights and received awards and global recognition.

JK Rowling (1965-) is an English author, producer, and philanthropist. She is best known for writing the best-selling book series in history, Harry Potter. The books sold over 500 million copies and won awards. Her books spawned a successful film series.

Mary Shelley (1797-1851) is an English known for writing the successful Gothic novel Frankenstein. Her literary creation was successful, inspiring many films and theatrical adaptations.

Jane Austen (1775-1817) is a well-known English novelist for her novels portraying the dependence of British women on marriage to attain high social standing and stability. Her social commentary and her humour gained critical acclaim from famous scholars and readers.

Jane Goodall (1934-) is an English anthropologist and primatologist. She is considered as the leading expert on chimpanzees. Her other works include conservation and animal welfare advocacy.

Marie Curie (1867-1934) was a naturalize-French physicist and chemist born in Poland. Her research focused on radioactivity. She is credited for developing the theory of radioactivity, the discovery of radium and polonium, and the methods for isolating radioactive isotopes. She is the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize, and the first person to receive the Nobel Prize twice.

Amelia Earheart (1897-1937) is a pioneer American aviator. She was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. She is also a successful author, writing and sharing her flying experiences. She disappeared on July 2, 1937, en route to Papua New Guinea.

Sally Ride (1951-2012) was the first American female astronaut who travelled in space. At the age of 32, she is also the youngest American astronaut to have travelled to space.

Mother Teresa (1910-1997) is a Roman Catholic Nun known for her humanitarian movements. She founded a congregation named Missionaries of Charity, which served the poor and the sick. In 1979, she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her charitable and selfless work. In 2016, the Roman Catholic Church canonized her as Saint Teresa.

Anne Frank (1929-1945) was a young Jewish girl who died during the holocaust. She wrote that she documented her life during the German occupation. Her father published her diary after she died, titled The Diary of a Young Girl. The book gained worldwide fame and inspired many plays and films.

Coco Chanel (1883-1971) is a French fashion designer and founder of her eponymous fashion brand. She is credited for setting a new standard of feminine style, steering away from social norms. She also dabbled into fragrances, jewellery, and handbags which became a commercial success.

Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) known as “The Lady with the Lamp”. She trained nurses during the Crimean war and cared for wounded soldiers. She is the founder of modern nursing, credited as the person who changed the public’s perception of nursing roles.

Ada Lovelace (1815-1852) is an English Mathematician known for being the first computer programmer. She is known for writing a computer program for Charles Babbage’s proposed Analytical Engine.