What to Expect at 8 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby at 0-8 Weeks Pregnancy

8 Weeks PregnantNow that you are 8 weeks pregnant, things are probably starting to sink in. It is such a magical feeling knowing there is a life inside your tummy now, even if it is not obvious yet. It may seem surreal at the moment, but as you observe even the simplest changes in your life now that you are a mom, you will realize that pregnancy is such an exciting milestone that you should savour.

Just like every expectant mom out there, you definitely have a lot of questions in mind on what to anticipate at this stage of your pregnancy.

How developed is your baby at 8 weeks?

Your baby now has webbed fingers and toes. He already has eyelids covering his eyes. His breathing tubes are starting to connect from his throat to his developing lungs through tiny branches. His ‘tail’ is still there but it’s becoming less visible.

The nerve cells on his brain are beginning to reach out to each other. This brings forth the formation of primitive neural pathways.

By now, you are probably itching to find out if your baby is a boy or a girl. However, at 8 weeks, your baby’s external genital is not developed yet.

If you want to know how big your baby is at 8 weeks, find yourself a kidney bean. Your baby is already moving but you still have to wait for a few more weeks to feel it.

8 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

At 8 weeks, you will notice that your breasts are getting bigger. You will feel that your bra is tighter now and it’s making you uncomfortable. By now, you should be having new undergarments. Your breasts will continue to increase in size throughout your pregnancy, so when you buy a new bra, go for one that is bigger than your actual size.Your hormones are rising and this makes your breasts grow. You may also feel that they are becoming sensitive and this is because your breasts are beginning to lactate.

Fatigue also happens to be one of the strongest 8 weeks pregnant symptoms. Your rising progesterone is contributing to your physical and mental weariness. Vomiting at this point in your pregnancy is also normal. Expect that you will have a hard time getting quality sleep but this will soon end.

Getting Acquainted with Prenatal Tests

Pregnancy at 8 weeks requires you to see your doctor more frequently. There are also pre-natal tests that you need to undergo. First-trimester prenatal assessment is important to determine if your baby has Down syndrome or any other condition that needs immediate attention. These prenatal tests can be as simple as blood tests but be ready for invasive procedures, as well.

Although these are all optional, it is best to ask your healthcare provider the advantages of availing these prenatal tests. Ask how every test will be done. Most of these tests are done for screening purposes which will enable you to find out if there is any risk in your pregnancy. If you want to have your baby checked for any problem, you may go for prenatal diagnostic tests.

Here are some prenatal tests you may avail during your first-trimester.

First-trimester screening. This prenatal screening is comprised of a blood test and an ultrasound scan referred to as nuchal translucency (NT) test. This screening provides information if your baby does have Down syndrome or any other conditions.

NIPT (noninvasive prenatal testing). This is also done to detect Down syndrome and other conditions relating to the chromosomes. It is usually offered to women who have high risk of giving birth to a child with chromosomal condition.

CVS (chorionic villus sampling). This test is done by collecting placenta cells which will be used for genetic analysis. This procedure can help determine if a baby has abnormalities in his chromosomes. CVS also helps in detecting other kinds of genetic disorders.

Taking Extra Precaution

At this stage of your pregnancy, you should take extra precaution in anything you do. Be aware of activities that you are not allowed to take on. If you are usually adventurous, take it easy now that you are pregnant. Forget about things like having a tattoo or indulging on hot tubs because this is not the right time to carry out these adventures.

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