9 Weeks Pregnant What to Expect

Watch Your Baby’s Growth at Week 9

23 Weeks Pregnant Baby Movement Length and WeightThe first few weeks of your pregnancy might seem like a daydream. But at pregnancy at 9 weeks, everything might have sunk in. Your 9 weeks pregnant bump is already giving an evident sign that your baby is truly on its way.>

Like any other expectant moms, you are definitely wondering about 9 weeks pregnant symptoms. There is no question that you are excited to know about the development of your baby now that in about 3 weeks, you are already on your 3rd month of pregnancy.

The list below illustrates just how exciting things are going about for an expectant mom on her 9th week of pregnancy.

How big is your baby at 9 weeks and how does he look now?

Your baby at 9 weeks is already measures an inch long. It’s the size of a grape and you can just imagine how fragile he can be. The baby weighs about a fraction of an ounce by this time. Although his body parts are not yet complete, his form is becoming more human. The first few parts of his body are soon to be formed but your body is still preparing for it.

What are the developments in your baby’s vital organs?

If you are 9 weeks pregnant, your baby already has a heart with four chambers. Its valves are also beginning to shape up. Surprisingly, his teeth are also forming. His embryonic tail has disappeared at this point. Your child’s muscles and other organs and nerves are already in the process of fine-tuning and are expected to be seen progressing in the weeks to come.

The sex organ has finally formed but this is not yet the time your doctor can tell whether it is a female or a male baby. His eyes are already developed but the eyelids are not yet complete. This keeps his eyes closed and you still need to wait until around your 27th week to know that he can finally blink. The ears are not complete yet but the earlobes are visible. Even his nose and mouth are beginning to develop but need more time to shape.

What changes in your body and behaviour you are likely to experience on your 9th week of pregnancy?


One can barely tell that you have a baby on your womb with the size of your 9 weeks pregnant bump. At this point, your waist has just started thickening but the change is very slight that not everyone can notice you are 9 weeks pregnant.

At 9 weeks, very little changes on your physique can be noticed. But the discomforts you feel are a completely different story. These discomforts are getting more and more intense that you are reminded every second of the day that there is a baby on your womb.


The first few weeks of your pregnancy will be brimming with mood swings. You may feel emotional or afraid about the whole pregnancy thing, but it’s a normal symptom most expectant moms go through. By the time you reach your 10th week, there is a big chance that mood swings will be warded off. In case you get emotional, it helps to talk to a loved one to at least uplift your spirit. You can also have this discussed with your doctor who can provide you with professional advices on how you can control your emotions during pregnancy.

Is it the right time to tell my work colleagues that I am pregnant?

It makes sense to have your pregnancy revealed when you are already 9 weeks pregnant. By this time, you have passed the risky stage when miscarriage can be a big possibility. It is best to spill the beans at this time because it’s the stage you will get busier seeing your doctor and preparing for your upcoming baby. If your colleagues are aware of what you are up to, they will be supportive of you and it will make you feel better.

Everybody in your workplace will surely be more considerate of your condition once they learned you are pregnant. This is important especially if your job is tiring. This is not to take advantage of your condition but just to make sure your baby will be safe even while you are performing your duty at work.

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