Baby Growth Spurts Every Mom Should Know

Growth Spurts in Babies Defined

In the course of a growth spurt, you will notice that you child puts on more weight, height and even the outline of his head becomes bigger. If you keep an eye on your child’s development, you can observe that these changes are more rapid than the usual. Apart from physical changes, growth spurts in babies also give rise to evident formative milestones.  When infant growth spurts transpire, you are likely to see her doing things she could not perform earlier.

Baby Growth SpurtsMost moms observe that the most detectable indication of a growth spurt is their child’s increased consumption of milk or food. Therefore, it is of great significance that parents with a child experiencing newborn growth spurts, always keep an eye on their baby for he is intermittently hungry.Growth spurts in babies make breastfeeding longer. Even formula-fed infants seem to be hungry time and again.

In some cases growth spurts manifest without the noticeable signs. Parents must make an effort to know about how much the child has grown or how much weight he gained. If the changes are surprisingly big, no need to be bothered because it is normal.

The sleeping habit of a baby also changes when he is experiencing growth spurt. You may notice that he sleeps more frequently or longer now. Unfortunately, there are babies who sleep less with growth spurts. Disrupt naptimes can be brought about by the discomforts that can go with growth spurts like becoming fussy and unsettled.

At What Point Growth Spurts Take Place in Infants and How Long Do they Last?

Growth spurts happen in no particular time. It normally keeps going in a span of one to two days in infants. But for older children, growth spurts can be experienced for the entire week.

There are specialists who believe that growth spurts are likely to transpire during the baby’s first year. It can possibly be when he is two weeks old, three weeks old or six weeks old. This can also be felt when he reached his third month or sixth month.

There is no specific age for growth spurts. Therefore, parents should not be bothered if their child does not show any manifestation of growth spurts just yet. It may come a little later.

How Growth Spurts Differ From Feeding Spurts?

Growth spurts and feeding spurts are entirely different matters although these are somewhat related. Feeding spurts make a child hungry at all times. Although babies can experience this when going through growth spurts, feeding spurts do not make kids grow in the same way that growth spurts brings about evident increased growth. Of course, with more intake of food, babies will grow bigger, but the developmental changes are more noticeable with growth spurts.

Other Signs of Growth Spurt in Babies

Parents will notice that their baby appears sleepier than normal. He is usually asleep during the night and he takes more naps during the day.  Studies reveal that a protein named Human Growth Hormone is generated when a child sleeps and this triggers the baby’s growing needs during growth spurts.

There are also noticeable changes in a child’s behaviour during growth spurts. Some become more clingy and restless. These babies want to be held or be at close proximity with parents all the time. The baby will also show signs of tiredness which is said to be because his energy is consumed by his sudden growth.

What Parents Should Do When A Child Goes Through Growth Spurt?

Parents have to be responsive to their baby’s needs. If he wants to be fed, make sure he is supplied with enough milk or food. Let him have morning naps and keep him close if he seems clingy.

Extra care has to be given to babies on growth spurt. This calls for more waking time and effort from parents. Moms and Dads must be watchful of their own health, too. They should drink enough water and get enough sleep. They have to regain energy so they can be more capable to look after their growing child.

Breastfeeding moms must be mindful of her milk production. She should eat more nutritious food to supply more nutrients to her baby.

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