Baby’s Development and What to Expect on Your Body at 12 Weeks Pregnant

Now that you are already 12 weeks pregnant, you are probably wondering about the development of the baby on your womb. Of course, at this stage, you are also very eager to know that to expect in the days to come.

Take a look at the ideas below so you are aware of your pregnancy’s 12th month milestones.

Your infant’s development

10 weeks pregnant what to expectAt this stage, your reflexes will show the most striking development. Your baby at 12 weeks will start to discover how to open and close his fingers. At 12 weeks, his will learn how to have his eyes tightly closed. HIs toes will start to bend and he will learn how to draw liquids into his mouth by creating suction with his tongue and lips. If you try to slightly press your 12 weeks pregnant belly, your child will move in a wriggling motion. However, at this point, you cannot feel his movement just yet.

Your baby’s intestines have developed so quickly that it already projects on the umbilical cord. Even his stomach will rapidly develop while his kidney starts to discharge his pee into his bladder. Your pregnancy at 12 weeks will be the start of your child’s nerve cell growth. These will multiply in a quick manner as his neurotransmitters also shape up intently on the infant’s brain.

By this time, your baby’s face already appears human. He can have his eyes moving from left to right and focus on what’s in front of his head. His ears have already formed, as well. Baby at 12 weeks usually measures a little more than 2 inches in length,weighing half ounce.

What changes will take place in your life and in your body now that you are at your 12 weeks pregnancy?

Your developing uterus and wearing maternity clothes.

At this stage, your uterus has developed. Your doctor can now have contact with your fundus. This part of your body is located on top of your uterus on top of you public bone. By now, you have to wear maternity garments to be comfortable. Even if you still want to be clothed in your usual outfits, those no longer fit you and you need to get yourself a new set of attire. You have to go for ones that are loose so you can move with ease. Your pregnancy already comes with a lot of discomforts and you do not want to aggravate it with inappropriate garments.


Heartburn is a usual part of the 12 weeks pregnant symptoms. You should not be too worry about it unless it is already interfering with your daily activities, especially your sleep. This is actually acid reflux which is characterized by a burning sensation that stretches from the breastbone base up to the lower part of your throat.

Heartburn usually affects women who are expecting their first child. If your medical history includes some episodes of heartburn, you must anticipate that this is very likely to get worse during the course of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy at 12 weeks signals the natural production of the woman’s body of the hormone progesterone. This occurrence makes the valve that keeps the esopagus and stomach apart more relaxed. Lying down can trigger the gastric acid to pass slowly in an upward motion and this leads to a burning sensation.

Vaginal Discharge

As you endure your 12 weeks pregnancy, you will notice that you have more vaginal discharge now. This is not a concern you should be alarmed about. It is a completely normal scenario that a pregnant woman experiences. However, it should be odorless. Otherwise, your need to have yourself checked by your doctor for a possible infection.

You have to be very attentive with your vaginal discharge even if you already know that such is normal during pregnancy. If there is inconsistency in the form of your discharge and it’s beyond the normal, discuss it with your doctor immediately.Unusual vaginal discharge can be an indication of preterm labor. It can also mean that you have a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis which should be addressed the soonest possible time in order to avoid having an impact to your pregnancy.

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