Beauty and the Beast: Why You Should Tell This Story With Your Kids

Beauty and the BeastBeauty and the Beast: Why You Should Tell This Story With Your Kids

There are tons of fairy tales which you can tell your kids before bedtime. However, the story Beauty and the Beast has all the characteristics that a meaningful story should have to make it worthy of you and your baby's precious time.

In case you need to get familiar with the story of the Beauty and the Beast before you tell it to your kids, you may watch its movie adaptation. It was released in 1991 by Walt Disney Pictures in America. It's an animated fantasy movie directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise. Beauty and the Beast originated from the French fairy tale which Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont authored. The film gave prominence to the vocal skills of Paige O'Hara, Robby Benson, Richard White and many others.

Disney & #39;s Beauty and the Beast got more than $145 million revenue on its initial release in North America alone. It profited more than $351 million worldwide. This animated film actually ranked third in the list of most fruitful 1991 films in North America. Beauty and the Beast received a number of recognition from the Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards and Grammy Awards. You can tell from the awards it has been given how remarkable Beauty and the Beast is and its story plays a big role why a lot of people love the movie.

Lessons Your Kids Will Learn From Beauty and the Beast Story

The Beauty and the Beast is a highly entertaining story. The kids will love it especially its interesting characters. Led by Belle, the beast and Gaston, all the characters in Beauty and the Beast hold engaging traits. Kids are amused by the thought of royal personalities like prince and princesses. But apart from this story’s entertainingly fascinating plot, it offers a lot of lessons for the viewers.

 Inner beauty is more important than outer beauty.

It's nice to teach kids that physical attributes do not matter as much as a good heart does. The character of the beast demonstrates that true beauty comes from within. No one has the right to judge anyone based on his appearance.

 Everyone should not stop learning.

Beauty shows how important it is for a person to continue learning. She inspires the beast to learn how to read, which is another great value shared in this story.

 Believing in magic means staying positive at all times.

Although magic only happens in fairy tales, things will turn out the way we want it if we keep our attitude and mind set positive at all times.

 Trying on new things should not scare you.

Although there are certain things in life that can get intimidating, you should not let it scare you to try on new things. There are no guts, if there is no glory. One has to get out of his comfort zone to improve.

Reasons Why You Should Have Bedtime Stories to Tell Your Children

When you tell a story, you get to discuss about certain issues with your kids. Sometimes, it is difficult to start talking about a particular topic and telling a story that is somehow related to it makes the conversation a lot easier.

You have a chance to ask your kids about their reaction after listening to the story. This way, you get to gauge the values of your child and improve the aspect that needs to be cultivated.

 Telling bedtime stories means having quality time with your loved ones. Make it a point to pick age-appropriate tales to ensure that your child will be able to understand and learn from it.

 Different fairy tales depict different cultures. Some even highlight historical events. By telling a story to your kids, you let them experience and imagine scenarios where they can learn about a variety of beliefs and customs. Tips on Choosing the Right Bedtime Stories to Tell Your kids

 Take time to read reviews. You can sort through kids tales by finding credible reviews. These are widely available online. By doing this, you will be informed if a certain story is free from violence and appropriate to the age of your children.

 Read the story first. If you have time to spare, read the story to see for yourself if it makes sense and contains lessons that the little ones can easily pick up. This is a very effective technique because you can thoroughly scrutinize if there are elements in the story that your kids should hear.

 Speak to Other Parents Learn what the other parents have to say about a certain bedtime stories. Moms and dads are naturally conscious about the stories they let their kids listen to. Any information from them can surely help you make a sound decision on which story to pick for your next bedtime bonding.

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