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Debbe Dunning is one of the names that most of us remember from the nineties. She is an actress, model, and spokesperson. You would remember her from the show Home Improvement, being the second “Tool Girl”. She became a childhood crush for many during the early 2000s. Here are a few interesting facts about Debbe Dunning.

She was a Highschool Cheerleader

Debra “Debbe” Dunning was born in Burbank, California,, on July 19th 1966. She is an only child. She went to John Burroughs High School, where her parents also attended high school. During her time in High school, she became a cheerleader. She was also crowned as the Homecoming Queen. 

She Was Cast in Home Improvement Because of Her Persistence

She rose to fame when she became the tool girl for Home Improvement. She spent seven years working on the show. However, she revealed that her persistence was the reason she was cast in the show. 

Before becoming a regular, Dunning made guest appearances on the show during the first season of the year, where she worked only for a week. She said that she had fun with the working experience. After two years, Pamela Anderson, the current tool girl, decided to quit the job for her role in Baywatch. 

They decided to hold an audition and Dunning auditioned for the role. However, her audition didn’t go so well, and they were disappointed. They wanted her to act naturally. She wanted another shot but was told not to come. Instead, she would just receive a call. But because of her persistence, she showed up the day after. She insisted that she wanted the part. After the audition, the other girls were excused, and they immediately called wardrobe for her to try on clothes. During that time, she was told that she got the part. She never knew that she would work for seven years on the show.

Debbe Dunning Was Married to Steve Timmons

Debbe Dunning was married to Steve Timmons. They exchanged vows on May 11, 1997. The wedding was a private affair with only their families and friends attending. However, after over two decades, the couple decided they were not meant together. They got divorced in May 2018. Both parties kept quiet about the details of the divorce. Dunning is currently single and is not seeing anyone.

Steve Timmons is a former American football player. He represented The United States at three Summer Olympics from 1884-1992. He won two gold and a bronze medal.

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Debbie Have 2 Sons and a Daughter

During her relationship with Steve Timmons, Dunning gave birth to three children, Spencer Shae, Stoney, and Sysco. She had her daughter, Spencer Shae, during her time on Home Improvement. Because of her pregnancy, the show made her character pregnant. After four years, she gave birth to Stoney, her first son. Three years before their divorce, she gave birth to her last son, Sysco.

She Wanted to Be An Actress as Early as Four Years Old

In an interview, Dunning said that she knew from the start that she wanted to be an actress. To chase after her dreams, she would go into every contest she could go to. When she was in high school, she was named Ms Burbank. She worked with the Judith Fontaine Modeling and Talent Agency in Los Angeles. Her earliest modelling job was an advertisement for Miller Beer. She also did bikini contests until she found a commercial agent that landed her on commercial ads. Some of her early commercial ads are for Foot Locker, Ford Motors, and Taco Bell. She started gaining attention when she became the “Run the Border Girl” for the Taco Bell commercial ads. Debbe Dunning is without doubt famous but what we have noticed is that she is not yet one the 50 most popular women, as you can see from our article.

She also had an acting agent when she was young, being in a minor role in a soap opera. She continued doing projects until she got her big break when she entered the cast of Home Improvement.

Debbe Dunning Made a Debut on Dangerous Curves

Debbe Dunning’s first film debut was on Dangerous Curves. She had the role of a participant in a Bikini Contest. Her screen time was short, but people noticed her. The film did not do too well but many noticed her debut. After her debut, she made a guest appearance in Married… with Children, a live-action sitcom aired on FOX.

After her minor roles, she received movie roles. She was cast in Leprechaun 4, The Spiral Staircase, and Now You know. Only after a few years did she land on the role of the Tool Girl in Home Improvement.

She and Tim Allen Prank Each Other

She revealed that she and her Home Improvement co-star Tim Allen would prank each other on the sets and during the show. She said that she would scare Allen when he was reading and memorizing his lines. As payback, Allen would also prank her.

She recounted one time that she was supposed to Introduce Tool Time. Tim Allen, hiding behind a wall, would keep distracting her from speaking her lines. Because of this, she had to continuously repeat her lines in front of the audience. According to her, there were also times when she and the audience would burst into laughter due to Tim Allen’s pranks.

She Won the Celebrity Edition of American Gladiators

Dunning participated in the Celebrity Edition of the show American Gladiator. Not only did she participate, but she also won twice in a row. The series involved having people face off through taking on different physical tasks and athletic challenges.

Debbe Dunning Loves Horses so Much

In an interview, Dunning revealed that she loved horses. She said that before having children she had horses. During her time on Home Improvement, they would take long breaks, as much as four hours. As soon as their break starts, she would go to her horses. She would let them out for a ride. 

Because of her love for horses, she would work on a show titled Debbe Dunning’s Dude Ranch Round-up. The series lasted for two seasons and aired from 2017-2018. The show features her travelling around the country in search of the best dude ranches. Her sons and her daughter also made appearances on the show

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