Do You Put Socks on Baby at Night?

Your baby putting on socks while sleeping at night is cute, isn’t it? But you should be careful not to overshadow caution with cuteness. However, there also comes the issue of ensuring your baby is comfortable while sleeping at night. Your baby’s pyjamas may not have the foot cover to keep the feet warm, which brings the dilemma; do you put socks on baby at night?

There is no definite answer; it depends on the scenario, so ‘maybe’ would be the best answer. When you are out, and your baby does not have socks on, there is a chance that 3 out of 5 people you meet will ask you to get one for your baby.

It is normal that you are worried about your baby getting cold. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended that before deciding as to whether your baby should put on socks at night, check the room temperature first.

A piece of excellent advice you need to consider is to dress your baby in one more clothing material than you require to feel comfortable. This implies that if your legs are cold, your baby needs socks to sleep well at night!

You should also know that it is more of a problem for a child to be too warm than too cold. Neither is good, but while worrying about your baby being too cold, do not suffocate the baby with heat. Overheating can be very bad for a baby, so you need to be careful with the socks.

Do You Put Socks on Baby at Night?

Can You Put Electric Socks on a Baby at Night?

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You could be busy in the kitchen or about to sleep, and the electric socks will monitor your baby’s vitals to make sure the baby is not overheating or too cold.

Sounds easy right?

However, multiple doctors have warned against the use of electric socks on babies. There is no known proof that they do work, do not put your baby’s life at risk. If you are cold, your baby is colder. The same thing goes for when you feel hot.

Can I Go and Check my Baby at Night?

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Of course! There’s no assurance that the room temperature when you put your baby to sleep will be the same later on in the night. As stated earlier, putting socks on your baby is dependent on the weather as well as the temperature of the room the baby is in.

Therefore, it is safe to go and check to see if your baby is doing fine, and the room temperature has not changed.

There are several risks associated with a baby overheating with the most profound being SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), SIDS occurs when the baby’s body overheats. Now you see that your baby sleeping at night with socks goes beyond just being cute.

This means you must regularly check up on your baby, especially when the baby is sleeping with socks on. Regular checks every hour will give you an indication as to whether you should take off the socks or leave them.

How to Know if a Baby Needs Socks at Night

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Well, it all boils down to temperature, but if you are still not sure, there are other things you could do to confirm if your baby needs socks or not.

Asides using yourself and body temperature as a guide, you can also find out through some of the following means: If the soles and palms of your baby are sweating, DO NOT put on socks for the baby. If it is hot and the sweating is very noticeable, take off some clothes.

Even if they are not sweating but feel warm, DO NOT put socks on. The socks will only overheat the baby.  Your baby could also start crying in the night, and it could be complaints from the little human. Check the palms and soles carefully, and even the littlest sign of heat is an indication the baby is hot.

Can a Baby Sleep Barefoot?

So you have found out the weather and temperature is okay but it does not seem right to leave your baby’s leg barefoot overnight?

You do not need to worry, your baby can sleep barefoot, and it is advisable in most cases. Unless the temperature is very cold and your baby is freezing, a baby sleeping barefoot is okay.  You are also reducing the chances of your child getting overheated when they sleep barefooted.

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