Why Funny Jokes for Kids Are Important

Jokes for Kids that are Really Funny

clean funny jokes for kids Kids take their parents as role models in almost all aspects of life. A child can even acquire the sense of humor of his dad and mom. There is no scientific basis that kids can inherit their mom and dad’s funny bones. But since the family shares the same roof, the children are likely to adapt the parents‘ playfulness.

Laughing is a fundamental instinct that can manifest in babies as early as six months. It is during this age that babies start to response to funny stuff, like tickling. Gradually, babies develop the instinct to laugh from observing the people around them.

When a Child’s Sense of Humor Starts to Develop

Simple physical experiences and facial expressions are babies’ sources of laughter. They find touching faces, tickles and unexpected sounds extremely funny.

As the baby grows into a toddler, he starts to recognize the difference between reality and fantasy. At age 2, a child can already tell which among things are normal and which ones are ridiculous. It is the time kids can already comprehend simple stories.

When Can You Use Funny Kid Jokes to Make Your Child Laugh

When a child reaches the age of 5, he is already talking clearly and capable of understanding more words. At this stage, heknows how to utter words that express amusement when he finds something funny about a particular thing or event. It is during this age that you can use kids jokes to make him laugh.

Why You Should Have Funny Jokes To Tell?

  • A funny joke can take away a child’s pain. Laughter leads to the production of endorphins in one’s body. In effect, your child is protected from feeling any pain. Laughter can make kids feel good in the same way it does for grown-ups.
  • Kids also get stressed. When a child is stressed, his breathing becomes rapid, his blood pressure gets higher and his muscles are tensed. With laughter, your child’s mood lightens up and he’ll feel much better.
  • Not known to many, funny jokes for kids help boost a child’s immune system. As he laughs, his body produces natural white blood cell which has the ability to fight off cancer cells and many other health disorders.
  • Joking with your child also makes him get quality sleep. If you are able to give him a good laugh before you put him to bed, he will surely have a deep sleep.
  • Funny clean jokes help develop your child’s mental alertness. His desire to immediately comprehend the punch line on your jokes makes him challenged to think quickly. This makes your child attentive and responsive.
  • When you joke around with your kids, they will be inspired to come up with their own jokes. This will challenge his creative juices. You’ll be surprised to hear how bright your child is when he comes up with his original jokes.

Where to find funny jokes for kids?

Funny kids jokes can be found online. In fact, the internet can provide you with thousands of jokes that your kids will surely laugh about. There are even funny American jokes for kids made available through eBooks. You can try purchasing one but make sure you review the materials first before you share them with your children.

Old jokes for kids still work. You may want to ask your friends, siblings, and neighbors for funny jokes ideas. If you are creative enough and you know exactly what makes your child laugh, you can come up with your own version.

Some funny jokes for kids you can take a crack at

To at least have an idea which kinds of joke delight your child, try throwing him these funny jokes samples:

  • Where do cows go to be entertained?

To the moo-vies!

  • What do you call cheese that is not your property?

Nacho cheese!

  • What do you call a bear who has no teeth?

A gummy bear!

  • What doesa wall say to another wall?

I’ll meet you at the corner!

  • How does the oceangreet each other?

They wave!

  • Why does the math book look so sad?

Because it has so many problems!

  • Can a kangaroo jump higher than the Empire State Building?

Of course!  The Empire State Building cannot jump!

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