Tips and Tricks on How to Get Rid of Hiccups

Common Signs Of Hiccups and Symptoms

how to get rid of HiccupsThere is no straight forward method to get rid of hiccups. You experience hiccup when the muscle on your diaphragm suddenly contract.  This contraction causes your vocal cords to close down which leads to the production of hiccup sound.

There are many reasons why a person experiences hiccups. If you have a disease that causes irritation on the nerves controlling your diaphragm, you are likely to have hiccups.

Hiccups can also transpire when you consumed a large meal or alcoholic beverage. Sudden excitement is another cause of hiccups. This condition can also manifest as a symptom for an underlying health disorder like stroke and brain tumour.  When a person underwent abdominal surgery, hiccup is also possible. Certain medications can also bring about contraction in the diaphragm muscles.

According to studies, men tend to develop hiccups more frequently than women. Stress and anxiety are also factors that result to either long-term or short-term hiccups.

How to get rid of hiccups?

On account of the discomfort that hiccups can bring, there is no question that everybody wants to know how to get rid of hiccups fast.

Normally, hiccups will only last for a few minutes but it can persist for as long as a month or even longer. If hiccups last way longer than the normal, it can already cause malnutrition and exhaustion.

Discuss the matter with your doctor.

To stop hiccup when it is becoming persistent, you have to set an appointment with your family doctor. This is of great significance especially if the hiccups have been bothering you for weeks or months already. You must arrive at your doctor’s clinic armed with important details that are necessary in giving a cure for hiccups.

Make a list of important details so you will not forget anything when you discuss the matter with your doctor. Have the details of the symptoms included in the list. You should also give the complete information with regards to medical problems you once had andif there’s any health condition you are currently undergoing treatment for.

The doctor will basically administer a physical examination to know your reflexes, balance and coordination, muscle strength and tone, and the condition of your sight and sense of touch.You will also be required to undergo series of laboratory tests to see if you have signs of infection, kidney disease or diabetes. Imaging tests and endoscopic tests may be a part of the procedure depending on the results of previous tests.


Most people who experienced hiccup have gotten through it without taking any medication. For long-term sufferers of hiccups, the doctor will prescribe medicines which the patient must take accordingly.

Home Remedies

Some individuals, especially those belonging to the older generation, believe that there are home remedies that can help get rid of hiccups. Although there is no known scientific basis for these remedies, these are mostly inexpensive and easy to prepare.

  • Eat sweets. Sweets, particularly a spoonful of sugar can help stop hiccups. Its graininess is believed to cause irritation to the esophagus which triggers the phrenic nerves to go back to its original form.
  • Eat anything sour. With a teaspoonful of vinegar, many individuals find relieve from the discomforts of hiccup.
  • Indulge in peanut butter. A delicious way to cure hiccups is eat peanut butter. As you chew it, your breathing pattern gets delayed hence hiccups will be put to end.
  • Try to take a fair amount of hot sauce. Consume as much as you can take to distract your body from focusing on the hiccup.
  • Indulge in a little amount of honey. A teaspoon of this sweet substance on warm water can relieve hiccups. Honey also works for cough and so many believe that it has a way to soothe the throat area.
  • Use a towel and put it over a glass of water. Drink the water through the cover and try to pull harder through your diaphragm to have the water on your mouth. As you gulp, the spasmodic movement of your muscles gets controlled.
  • Find yourself a brown paper bag. Breathe into the bag and feel how it levels up the carbon dioxide in your blood leading to the stoppage of hiccup spasms.
  • Grind some dill. As you grind dill seeds on your teeth, your vagus nerve will be stimulated and your hiccups will disappear.

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