Hansel and Gretel – A Great Bedtime Story For Your Child

Hansel and GretelHansel and Gretel – A Great Bedtime Story with Tons of Moral Lessons to Learn

Hansel and Gretel is a popular fairy tale which originated in Germany. It was a Brothers Grimm creation which was first published in 1812.

Recall the ‘Hansel and Gretel’ Story

Hansel and Gretel were children of a poor woodcutter. He had a second wife who treated his children very badly. She always complained about not having enough food to eat because there were a lot of people in their house to feed.

One day, the second wife asked the woodcutter to take his two children to the forest and abandon them somewhere they could get lost. Even if it was hard for the father to follow what his wife was telling him, he was left with no choice. He took the kids to the forest and made an excuse to leave them deep in the woods.

But Hansel was a bright little man. When he heard his step mom asking his father to take him and Gretel in the forest, he kept some white pebbles on his pocket so he could use it to mark their way back home. Because of the pebbles, Hansel and Gretel were able to return home. Unfortunately, the second time their father tried to leave them in the forest, the marks Hansel used were pieces of bread, which had been eaten by the birds. The two were not able to go back home.

While wandering in the forest, Hansel and Gretel saw a house which they discovered was made of candy, chocolates, icing and biscuits. Unfortunately, it was just a trap. The house was owned by a witch who tries to get creatures to eat by trapping them using delicious candies. By good luck, Hansel and Gretel managed to knock the witch down.

The two then discovered that their step mother has died. Their father approached them feeling so sorry for what he has done. Hansel and Gretel gave their father the forgiveness he asked for. The two then showed their father their new house which was made of sweet candies! And they lived happily ever after.

Moral Lessons the Story of ‘Hansel and Gretel’ Can Offer

 Family should always be your topmost priority. 

The story highlights how Hansel took good care of his sister Gretel. It  important for kids to learn that it  everybody  moral obligation to always be there for his family. Kids have to be

taught that the family should stick together no matter how difficult life can be.

 No matter the circumstances you should try to have presence of mind.

Even if Hansel was afraid of the idea that they will be left in the forest in the middle of the night, he immediately thought of a way how he could trace their way back home. Make your child know that too much panicking and worrying will not help. Instead, be calm so that the mind gets to think of a solution.

 Do not take anything that is not yours.

Hansel and Gretel indulged on candies surrounding the house of the witch. They ate the goodies not knowing who owned the house. This put their lives at risk. This story will teach your child the importance of giving respect to other people’s privacy and properties.

 Forgiveness.

This story also demonstrated the importance of forgiveness. Nobody’s perfect and people have the tendency to make mistakes even if they do not want to. Hansel and Gretel chose to understand the circumstance of their father and decided to forgive him knowing he was sincere. Creative Ideas When Telling Bedtime Stories

 Make it a Puppet Show

Kids are delighted with the sight of shadows. Make use of it while telling your story. Dim the lights in the room and turn your hands and fingers into fairy tale characters.

 Be Clothed in a Fairy Tale Dress

It does not take much effort to wear a gown-like dress or a makeshift crown before bedtime. Pretend that you are a princess telling your own story or somebody else's story. Visuals easily draw the kid's attention, especially if you will dress like one from the Royal family.

 Change the Tone of Your Voice

Draw your child into the story by using the tone of your voice to bring emotion to every character. Heighten up the excitement by putting emphasis on important words. Incorporate songs if you can to keep your child imagination working.

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