BED BUG BITES – What You Should Know About Bed Bugs

What are bed bugs?

Bedbugs are little, parasitic creatures that nourish on warm blooded creatures and birds. Bedbugs are members of the Cimicidae kingdom, a family of insects. Bedbugs are characterized by its reddish chestnut shading and oval form. These are wingless creatures and roughly 4 to 5 millimeters long.

What makes bedbug attack?

Bedbugs usually settle where there is calm and tropical atmosphere. Living quarters are bedbugsfavorite area. This is also where the bedbug host dwells. These creatures cover up in the creases of beddings. They love to settle on the frame of the bed, on headboards and any other furniture that are old in nature.

They are even found behind torn wallpapers or under the baseboards. Bedbugs feasts when there is clutter. It gives them another place to cover up. They can be transferred from one place to another through baggage, furniture, fabric apparel and used sleeping pads.

In spite of the fact that many associate bedbugs with disorganization and lack of sanitation, it can actually attack even the most spotless homes. In fact, expensive hotels can be affected by bedbug infestation. In the US, the presence of bedbugs has been felt even in hospitals, nursing homes, dorms and in jail.

Why bed bugs are becoming more common these days?

Before the World War II took-place, bedbug attacks were normal. But after a few years, on account of the emergence of insecticides, the problems regarding bedbugs went significantly less.

Unfortunately, bedbug infestation is becoming evident again these past few years. The experts associate its resurgence in many factors which are comprised of poor urban life and incompetent pest-control measures. When you read most topics about family life today, you will find out that most families have bed bugs. Hence, we are feel like adding more details to what is been written about it so far online.

bad bed bugs

How can you Tell if you have the symptoms of bed bug bites?

The moment the bedbug bites you, you can slightly, or not at all feel it. Bed bug bites usually occur on any part of a person’s body that is exposed. It can be on the arms, hands, face and neck or anywhere else not covered by clothes.

When you are bitten by a bedbug, it will only manifest after a few minutes. In some cases, it even takes days for the bed bug bites to appear.

If you are wondering, do bed bug bites itch? The answer is yes! Affected people complain a lot about the itching. The bite will come out reddish in color and similar to a flat welt. It’s a lesion that may come in clusters or straight pattern. You have to wait for at least a week up to a couple of weeks for the skin lesions to be completely healed.

What happens if a person experiences bed bug bites repeatedly?

For people who experience recurring bed bug bites, the symptoms are more evident. Apart from scarring, the skin lesions can lead to infection due to scratching. Although allergic reaction due to bed bug bites rarely happens, this has to be closely looked at. One who is suffering from the symptoms of bed bug bites can also develop insomnia.

Bed bug bites are typically manageable and can be treated at home. However, there is still a possibility that its symptoms to some people manifest in a more alarming manner. Immediately head to the doctor when the bed bug bites are already causing shortness of breathing, chest pain, sore tongue and lip, dizziness, rashes all over the body and difficulty in swallowing.

How to get rid of bed bug bites?

Seek medical help if the symptoms you are experiencing are more than just skin lesions and itching. You may try applying topical solutions on the affected areas. But if you are the kind who easily gets irritated on topical medicine, it is best to seek advice from your doctor first.

Check your home to know where the bed bugs are settling. Once you found them, decide whether or not you will get of the thing where it resides. If you think it is worth replacing your mattress and beddings, then get the old one out of your home immediately. On the other hand, covering your mattress with a sealable cover will also work.

There are also natural insecticides you can use to get rid of bed bugs. You may also seek the service of professional bed bug busters to completely eliminate these creatures in your home.

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