How to buy smart clothes for 3 year old boy

Buying children’s clothes can become expensive. Children, especially toddlers, grow very fast. What you would want to avoid is purchasing an entire wardrobe every year, but growth spurt is a reality. Your child can grow too large for all his trousers in less than a month. Here are helpful pieces of advice on how to shop for smart clothes for your child.

How to buy smart clothes for 3 year old boy

How to shop for smart clothes for your child

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Buy Quality clothing

Quality clothing should be one of your priorities when buying clothes for your kid. Your kid deserves nothing better but the best. Quality children’s clothes might cost you more, but they will save you much money in the long run. Low-quality clothes will likely fade away, and at worse shrink or tear after a few washes.

Do not buy children clothes with loose stitches or weak seams. They are of low quality and are not durable. Tight seams and stitches are features of quality clothing.


A smart way of buying clothes for your child is to go for the ones that will last long. Your child’s clothes have to withstand dirt and play. Children are lighthearted, carefree and playful by nature and can stain themselves with food or mud. Their clothing wears and accessories have to be able to hold up to mess. Alternatively, you can also buy a separate set of clothes for leisure and play – play clothes. These play clothes should either be of thick cotton or jean material. Play clothes will save you the stress of discarding your kid’s clothes because of tough stains.


Comfortable clothes are essential for young children. They last long and would promote healthy skin. Children must play, jump, bend and run freely with comfort. Pick natural fabrics (like cotton and wool) over synthetic materials (like nylon).

Clothes made of cotton are skin-friendly because they are non-toxic and non-irritant. Fleece clothes will be helpful during the cold season. Pay attention to clothing designs known to irritate the skin like sparkles and stitchery.

Buy a slightly bigger size

Children grow at a fast rate. Most parents are usually surprised at the speed at which their child grows within a short time. It is natural. This factor has to be taken into consideration when buying new clothes for children, or else, you will be buying a new pair of clothes frequently. 

Buying a slightly bigger size of clothes for your child will save you cost. There is a caveat: Make sure the clothes are of high-quality and not too oversized. 

Buy easily adjustable trousers.

Children enjoy wearing trousers. Trousers are parents’ favourite because it enables a child to play freely. Easily adjustable trousers come in elastic waistbands. They last longer and are very appropriate for growth spurts, and they are also easy to take off.

Buy cheap clothes

Sometimes, cheap does not equate to low-quality. You don’t have to spend a fortune on your child’s clothes since children grow at a fast rate, and the tendency for children clothes to wear or tear is high. If you can’t afford expensive and trendy clothes, you can opt for inexpensive high-quality clothes. You can also consider a clothing swap.

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Try thrift and consignment stores

Shopping for children’s clothes in thrift stores is one way to save money while buying a size ahead (for fast-growing children). Most thrift stores have fine-quality clothing. It is also one way of becoming more environmentally responsible because those clothes are recycled.

Indulge in off-season shopping

Shopping off-season for your children clothes can be budget-friendly and time.saving. Off-season shopping means planning your shopping to coincide when retailers offer discounts to sell merchandise associated with a previous season to create room for a new season’s items. In our context, it might mean shopping for cold-weather clothing for your kids in late fall, children clothes and sandals in August, at the close of summer. While stockpiling, you have to be wary of the growth spurt.


It is crucial you pay attention to children’s clothes sizing. To get the right size of your child’s wear, measure his height and weight with a sizing chart. Even if you are purchasing slightly larger wear for your toddler, you will have to ensure that it is not very oversized. As an alternative, you can take your child along with you when shopping to try out the new clothes.

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