Hiccups in Babies – How to Get Rid of

Get Rid of Hiccups in Babies The Best Way

Hiccups in BabiesJust like in grown up individuals, baby hiccups are brought about by the contraction of the diaphragm. The sound of hiccups in babies or in adults is created when the vocal cords rapidly closes.

Every parent wants to know how to get rid of hiccups. The way hiccups bother grown up individuals makes everyone thinks that babies feel the same way about it.

Surprisingly, most babies can actually rest through an episode of hiccups without evident indication that they are disturbed. Hiccups interfere with babies’ breathing only on rare occasions.

Why Do Babies Get Hiccups?

As you try to get rid of baby hiccups, it is important that you are aware of the things that can cause it. Hiccups take place when the muscle of the diaphragm gets irritated. Feeding can contribute to baby hiccups. But there are also times a baby has hiccups for reasons that are difficult to identify.

While adults can tell whether they have eaten a lot or had several glasses of alcoholic drinks and it made them go through hiccups, knowing why do babies get hiccups is quite hard to pinpoint.

Parents are advised not to panic when their baby gets hiccups. You must keep in mind that this condition is normal in infants and it usually does not cause any harm to the baby. Most of the time, newborn baby hiccups disappear on their own. In fact, there was even a researcher who made a proposal about recognizing hiccups as a burping aid.

How to Stop Baby Hiccups

Recognizing how protective parents are to their children, it is understandable that you are on the look for ideas on how to cure baby hiccups.

Make burping a habit

You should make it a habit to burp your child in order to put an end to hiccups. Feeding, especially in large amount, can lead to hiccups. With burping, the excess gas on his body will be taken out. Putting your baby in a vertical position when you try to make him burp also helps get rid of hiccups.

Let him use the pacifier

With parents having different beliefs when it comes to letting their child use the pacifier, it makes sense to have one at home just for the purpose of putting an end to the bout of hiccups. Let your baby such it for some time. Sucking on it makes the diaphragm relaxed.

Patiently wait until the baby hiccups stop.

If you can just control your emotions and manage to stop getting overly worried, you can just wait until the baby hiccups come to end. Of course, it is an entirely different story if it’s causing trouble to your child’s breathing or there are indications that it’s making his sleep and feeding difficult. If the situation gets this serious, it’s about time you seek the help of the doctor.

Although it rarely happens, hiccups can be an indication of a serious health disorder which your doctor needs to know about immediately.But if your child seems to be managing the hiccups, then you can simply let it run its course.

See how gripe water can help, only if the doctor permits.

Gripe water is a supplement containing sodium bicarbonate and herbs like fennel, ginger, chamomile, cinnamon, clove dill and peppermint which can be bought in drugstores without prescription. It’s a product used to provide relief to colic and other infant gastrointestinal disorders.

Gripe water has not been proven effective in curing hiccups but since this product contains natural ingredient, this is believed to be safe for baby’s consumption. Nevertheless, it is still best to talk to your doctor with regards to this matter before feeding the supplement to your baby.

When do you seek for your doctor’s help?

Typically, parents are advised to take the baby to the doctor when his hiccup is already interfering with his sleep and feeding. It also calls for the doctor’s intervention if it makes your baby vomit and ruins his mood. Something is probably wrong if the baby seems extremely upset by it.

Hiccups are more frequent with children less than a year old. It is basically part of the child’s development but it should be less frequent when he reaches his first birthday.

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