How to keep baby cool in hot weather at night

Sleeping is a beneficial activity for babies. It is known to have a formative effect on the psychological, cognitive and kinesthetic well being of every child. Sleep can increase memory and impact other bodily functions positively. During scorching weather, babies may find it difficult to become comfortable and sleep properly. If babies become too hot and sweaty, they may become severely ill. These useful tips will guide you on how to keep your baby cool and comfortable during hot weather at night.

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How to keep baby cool in hot weather at night

A guide to keeping your baby cool and comfortable in hot weather at night.

Get a Room Thermometer

For you to know how safe a room is for your baby to sleep in, it is necessary to get a room thermometer. The likelihood of ‘sudden infant death syndrome’ is high for babies who sleep in sweltering rooms. For this reason, room thermometers are worthy investments (especially in places where there is always a rapid change of temperature). Knowing the correct temperature of your baby’s room at a glance is vital. It can help you accurately find out if your baby’s room is too hot and uncomfortable to sleep in. Room thermometer comes in an easy-to-read, LED screen. They are now very affordable. Many room thermometers are also dual purpose, meaning they can be used in your baby’s bath.

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Dress your baby appropriately for the weather

As the temperature increases, you may be confused about what to dress your baby for sleep. In hot weather conditions of over 27 degrees, your baby should be sleeping in his diaper (or with a soft vest). Endeavour to use only breathable and lightweight cotton sleepwear for your baby. Beddings or sleep slack should be light as well.

Cool the room with ice

Sometimes, cooling your baby’s room can be way above your budgets. A fan may be ineffective during the sweltering hot night. You can place a bowl of ice in front of your fan to cool the hot room. This will immediately beat the heat and create a pleasantly fresh atmosphere for your baby to sleep in. 

Plain water bath

To keep your baby cool and refreshed during a hot night, a plain water bath is essential. It will curb sweating and relieve clamminess in your baby and keep rashes away. It can be an enjoyable experience for your baby and can keep him in a relaxed state for sleep. 

Cool the room

You would want to prevent your baby’s room from heating up before night time. You can ensure proper blockage of sunlight during the day by keeping the blinds and windows temporary shut, to ventilate the room but restrict sun heat from penetrating.
You can begin cooling the room as the sunrise. Fans can also be used to impact on the ventilation and airflow. 

Hydrate properly

The risk of dehydration is often high during the hot weather. Babies grow thirsty during the hot weather. If your baby is urinating less, it means you need to increase his fluid intake. For babies below six months, water is not recommended, breast-milk or a formula rich in iron is essential. For those above six months, water can be fed to them. Avoid feeding your baby fruit juice, try watermelon instead.

Put yourself in their shoes

Do you feel thirsty in the night? Does hunger at night prevent you from sleeping? It is possible your baby feels this discomforts too. Just like you, your baby is human and has needs. He may develop the need to drink water at night or become uncomfortable due to heat. The only difference is that your baby can’t meet their demand without your help. So one sweet way to figure out what your baby wants is by putting yourself in his shoes. Dress your baby for bed as you’d dress yourself.

Watch out for overheating

Overheating is often fatal for babies, and increases their likelihood of sudden infant syndrome. Too much bedding and even a hot room can cause overheating. If you are to use a blanket, use cotton blankets with holes to allow air flows. Keep layers away. Never place your baby in a cot that is filled with many blankets or pillows. Never wear your baby a hat while your baby is asleep. During a hot evening, dress your baby in fewer clothes. Overheating can cause heat rashes and poor sleep.

To find out if your baby is hot, check for dampness on your body. Signs of overheating in babies include; reddish skin, fast heartbeat or arrhythmia, fever, weakness and vomiting. If you notice any of those signs, seek medical attention immediately. 

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