How to keep newborn baby cool in summer

With increasing temperature during the summer, it might be challenging for new parents to keep their baby cool and safe. Excessive heat can pose a grave danger for your baby and can cause dehydration, heat exhaustion, sunburn or increase the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Since their bodies are delicate and incapable of regulating their temperature, overheating can be dangerous for them. The professional advice under-listed will help your care for your baby during the summer, keeping your baby fresh and preventing overheating.

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A guide to keeping your baby cool in summer

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Hydration is vital

During summer, it is essential to keep your baby hydrated. Babies are more susceptible to dehydration than adults. This is because babies have a higher metabolic rate, and tend to use up more fluid than adults. It is also possible for dehydration to occur in babies who are incapable of telling their parents or handlers when they feel thirsty. So give your baby more fluid during the summer. If your baby is below the age of six months, then frequently breastfeed him. If your baby is weaned, give him water while eating. Watch out for signs of your thirst because heat can cause your baby to sit and lose fluid.

Clothe your baby properly

Babies are more likely to overheat when overdressed. During the summer, you can keep them fresh by dressing them in lightweight clothes. Your baby’s cloth should be made of cotton because it is breathable and good for your baby’s sensitive and fragile skin. Keep fussy garments made of synthetic materials away. Sun hat, with a wide brim, will protect your baby from sunlight when outdoors.

During night time, keep bedding and nightwear to a single layer: the less the layers, the better.

Keep your baby comfortable in car seats

In the summer heat, the temperature in cars is known to reach unsafe levels quickly. This is because car manufacturers pad cars to a great extent, to protect cars from impacts. Sometimes, infant car seats are so ‘deep’ that no air conditioning may not directly reach them. This can cause intense discomfort and clamminess for babies.

Tip for keeping your baby comfy in a car seat:

  1. Ensure you cool the car before riding with your baby by turning the A/C on for some amounts of time.
  2. Trips should be scheduled for mornings, where there is pleasant weather and less heat.
  1. Since dark colours are known to absorb heat, try a lighter colour interior for your car.
  2. Protect your baby’s skin and eyes from dangerous ultraviolet rays by getting tinted windows.
  3. Use ‘Noogle’ to provide cool air directly to your baby.
  4. Keep your baby hydrated during rides and never leave your baby unattended in a car.

Do not expose your baby to direct sunlight

Protecting your baby from sun exposure is very important because your baby’s skin is very delicate. The sun has harmful ultraviolet rays that are unsuitable for your baby. Whenever there is intense sunshine, seek shade when outdoors, and use a sun shield on your baby’s stroller. For babies above six months of age, sunscreen can be used but do exercise caution because they are known to cause skin irritation. You can also wear your baby protective clothing and brim hat to safeguard your infant’s skin from sunlight.

Know the ideal room temperature for your baby

Understanding the room temperature for your baby is the right step in providing a comfortable environment for your baby. It will help you to work towards creating a safe and cool place for your baby during the hot summer while reducing the likelihood of extreme heats and SIDS.

The ideal room temperature for your baby’s sleep is between 68° and 72°F (20° to 22.2°C), according to the latest medical research. You can monitor your baby’s room temperature by investing in an indoor thermometer or thermostat.

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Cool bath before bed

Bathing your baby in lukewarm water is a lovely way to keep your infant refreshed in the summer. It can also relax him and enable his temperature to drop just in time for bed, making his sleep more comfortable and cosy.

Keep your baby’s room cool

A cool room is conducive for your baby’s safe and peaceful sleep during the summer. The key to cooling your baby’s room is by proper ventilation and keeping direct sunlight away from penetrating the room during the day.

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