10 Tips on Internet Safety for Kids That Parents Should Know

Internet Safety for Kids 10 Tip Parents Should Know

In this day and age, most people rely on the internet to do just about anything. In fact, many individuals cannot last a day without laying their hands on their computer to access the internet. Simply put, we use the internet to gather information, to communicate, and to be entertained that it has become a daily commodity we cannot do without. Seeing us, adults, engrossed with the cyber world, the kids learn to adapt this practice.

Recognizing the Internet Threats

While the internet is advancement in our technology that truly makes everybody’s life a lot easier, there are also some threats that come with it. All of us need to be protected from the risks of using the internet especially the little ones. As parents, we should take internet safety for kids seriously. Things like stolen data, cyber bullying, stolen passwords, disclosure of credit card information, exposure to pornographic materials and many other forms of internet risk can be avoided if we are constantly reminded of the importance of child internet safety.

10 Ways to Safeguard Your Kids From Internet Threats

Below are some tips on internet safety for children that every parent should keep in mind.

  1. Set up the computer in a high-traffic spot in your home. By doing so, you can always have a glimpse of the sites that your child visits.
  2. Let you kids know which online sites they are allowed to leaf through. You should also set a time limit as to how long they can stay in front of the computer.
  3. Nowadays, kids can also access the internet through their mobile phones and tablets. Take time to check on them when they are using these gadgets.
  4. Introduce interesting and child-friendly sites to your children. Know what interests them and take them to pages where they can delight in more information about things they like to do.
  5. Tell your kids to refrain from talking to strangers. Make them understand the risk of personally meeting with someone they just met online.
  6. Ask them not to give out personal information, most especially their address, parents’ names, contact details, and anything that has to do with money or bank account.
  7. Encourage your kids to set their social networking site accounts on private mode. Letting strangers have all the means to approach your child means more danger.
  8. Explain that they need to consult you first if there is anything they want to download on the computer.
  9. Warn them about posting inappropriate photos on social networking sites.
  10. Make use of software tools that can prevent your child from getting into harmful websites.

Internet Safety Precautions for Kids is an Endless Endeavor

Perpetually call their attention and discuss why you should observe child safety online at all times. You may cite some samples of things gone wrong because of carelessness. This will further give them the picture of the dangers of the internet if not used with precaution.

While these are tips that secure your child’s safety and innocence, it is also of equal significance that they do not make the others feel violated when online. Remind them not to post anything on the internet that can hurt anyone’s feelings or ruin somebody’s image. Emphasize that the internet is undeniably a very useful tool, but it is also very powerful that can terribly affect lives.

Us, parents, should take an active part in our child’s activities, whether is it online or in real life. Make them feel that it’s always best to open up and let us know what they are going through regardless of how trivial the matter is. It is of utmost importance not to take internet safety for children for granted. Lives have been lost and ruined because of this negligence.

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