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Without a doubt, Kerri Green is one of the most talented actresses during the ’80s. She is best known for her roles in the movies The Goonies, Summer Rental, and Lucas. Here are some interesting facts about Kerri Green.

Kerri Green was born in New Jersey

On January 14, 1967, Kerri Lee Green was born in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Little is known about her family. They had a home in Woodlake, New Jersey where she grew up. Eventually, she attended Pascack Hills High School.

At a young age, Green was fascinated with acting. In junior high school, she started trying out for school plays. One thing that motivated her is seeing the people on stage looking like they were having fun. Unfortunately, she didn’t receive many roles in their school plays, so she became a cheerleader instead. According to her, she was having fun being a cheerleader. But after a while, she got tired of it. She blamed politics involved in cheerleading, the silliness, and the uniform. 

She was in TV Commercials When She was a Teenager

Although not having many parts in her school’s plays, some people saw her potential. One time, her mother’s friend saw Green in a school play. She gave Green’s mother contact details of a talent manager who sends teens for auditions for TV commercials.

During her time auditioning, her mother and her manager would tell her to say she’s only 11 despite being already 14 years old. This is so she can get the roles. However, she admitted that she wasn’t right for most of the parts, so she only received a few calls. Despite this, she did manage to land in a few commercials. One of which is being an extra for a commercial for Jordache Jeans.

Kerri Green Worked at a Roy Rogers Restaurant

Before she was cast in The Goonies, she worked at a Local Ray Rogers Restaurant in Woodcliff Lake. During her high school days, she would skip camp so she could work and save money for auditions. She worked at the restaurant until her senior year while she auditioned in New York, which is a forty-minute drive away. However, in the fall of 1984, Green managed to get the role for The Goonies.

Her Auditions Affected Her Grades

Green decided to pursue her acting career. She was constantly auditioning while studying in high school. On top of that, she also worked so she can get money for her auditions. This took a toll on her studies. She admitted that her focus on her auditions affected her performance in school, getting low grades and often dozing off in classes. She got to the point where she only took the required subjects to graduate. Her big break finally came when she was cast in the Steven Spielberg movie, The Goonies.

She played the role of a cheerleader named Andy in The Goonies. Her prior experience with cheerleading helped her to act naturally in the film. The film was a commercial success and instantly became a cult classic. The success of the movie helped Green to get more acting roles. A few months later, she was cast in Summer Rental (1985). A year later, she was also cast in Lucas (1986) where she got a huge role, working alongside Charlie Sheen and Corey Haim.

Kerri Green Lived in Burbank, Los Angeles

After getting the role of Andy, she travelled with her mother to Oregon, where she spent a month working on the movie. Afterwards, she and her mother rented a condominium unit near Burbank, Los Angeles.

While living there, Kerri Green had two dogs. She named her first dog Willie, which she got when the dog was only a few months old. She got another dog. He was little, like a Yorkie. She joked that her dog had a Napoleon complex. Her dog acts like he owned the neighbourhood and would always run away. One time, the dog ran away but never came back. She admits that she hoped she would see him again every time they move to a new filming location.

She Didn’t Know Anyone in the Entertainment Industry

Kerri Green admitted that she didn’t know a lot of names in Hollywood when she was young. She rarely watched movies as a kid, and if she did, she would skip the credits. There are times that she would see other actors and directors, not knowing who they are or what their names are. She wouldn’t even know even after telling their names.

Kerri Green Learned Humility at a Young Age

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At a young age, she recognised the dangers of working in the world of show business. When she grew famous, people started asking for her autograph. She said that it was easy for actors and actresses to start thinking they’re better than others. She saw some actresses who expected to be served by everyone. She said that she enjoyed working with kids, as they acted for fun. As for adults, they want to have a career and be stars. She even commented that some of the kids acted more maturely than most of the adults.

Unlike some of those actors, she learned that everyone on the set is important. She knew that without the directors and the crew, there wouldn’t be any movie. 

Green Didn’t Tell Her Friends About Her Career

At first, Green didn’t tell her classmates and her friends about her acting career. She didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. After she left, her sister would be the one to handle people who would ask about her. She recounted that her sister joked about killing her and her friends if they continued to ask. Despite this, her sister supported her every step of the way.

She Pursued College Education

After much success in show business, she decided to pursue college. She went to Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York. She took a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. She admitted that she was both scared and excited. However, her experience in working in the industry greatly helped her in adjusting with her school life.

She Co-Founded a Film Production Company

After taking a break from acting, she and Bonnie Dickenson co-founded the Independent Women Artist production company. She also co-wrote and directed the film adaptation of Bellyfruit with Dickenson. The film tackled the sensitive issue of teen pregnancy.

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