Facts About Kevin Hart’s Height

No doubt that Kevin Hart is a giant name in the entertainment industry. He starred in many films and performed hundreds of stand-up comedy shows. His comedic and energetic performances attract fans worldwide. This short man is making a name in a tall man’s world. Among all the things about Kevin Hart, his real height is the most talked about. His height is also the recurring theme of his jokes. Here are some interesting facts about Kevin Hart’s Height

Kevin Hart’s Real Height

One of the most asked questions about Kevin Hart is his real height. People have varying opinions on how tall Kevin Hart is. Some people even go far as to calculate his height from pictures with other celebrities. A short google search would reveal that he is 1.63 meters tall. That makes him a little over 5’4″. In a video interview with Variety in June 2017, he shared seven secrets about him. Among those secrets is his height. He said that he is 5’4″ and a half and not just 5’4″.

So is Kevin Hart’s real height is 5’4″ and a half? Not quite. Two other sources say otherwise. In both cases, Kevin himself said that he’s shorter than he initially stated.

In June 2019, Vanity Fair released a video of Kevin Hart taking a polygraph test. As many fans have expected, the first question was about his height. At first, he said that he is 5’4″, then he said he’s 5’3″, and then 5’2 1/2″. Ultimately, he admitted he’s only 5’2″ flat before proceeding to the next question.

In another instance, Hart, along with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jodie Whittaker, had a guest appearance in The Graham Norton Show. The episode aired on December 6, 2019. The Rock joked about Hart’s height, saying it must be hard being 3’2″. Hart immediately responded saying he’s 5’2″. 

The question remains, how tall is Kevin Hart? We may never be sure. Some might say that he might have said he’s 5’2″ only for comedic relief. However, many agree with his latest statements, saying that he is indeed 5’2″. 

Hart was Bullied Because of his Height

kevin hart height

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey a few years ago, Hart admitted that he was bullied because of his height, even when he was young. It’s not far from reality. Kids, and even adults, experience bullying because of their short stature. Sadly, our society has a preconceived notion that taller is better. 

Kevin Hart supports anti-bullying. Along with Dwayne Johnson, he surprised students with an encouraging anti-bullying message. He encouraged the students to be brave and speak up when bullied. However, he also believes that kids need ‘a little bit of drama’ to build their character. He says that kids will inevitably face real-life problems. What parents like him can do is to lessen the effect with communication. He even jokes about bullying his two kids for them to learn how to stand on their own feet. 

His Height is an Important Piece of his Profession

People often called Kevin Hart the “Garmin King”. He often jokes about his height. If you are an avid follower of Hart, you’d notice that most of his posts on his social media are about his height. He even makes jokes for his stature in movies and his stand-up comedy shows.

As to why Kevin Hart does this, he explained that it was his way of coping with bullying. In the interview with Oprah, he mentioned that he is big on self-deprecation. He would insult himself first before others can. He feels that by deprecating himself, he rids of the chance for people to mock him. This led to his impromptu jokes on the movies that he worked on. In essence, he used his disadvantage to gain an advantage over the others.

He is Both Comfortable and Self-conscious of his Height

Despite being big on self-deprecation, Kevin Hart says he is confident in his body, embracing his short height. He considers himself sexy. He strongly believes that he doesn’t need to conform to society’s standards. Instead, he said that it’s his “playing cards” and he openly accepts it. 

Understandably, he said that he is also self-conscious about his height. During his lie detector test video with Vanity Fair, he admitted that he is self-conscious. Again, he may have said it for comedic relief. Regardless, it is completely understandable for him to be self-conscious in a world where the many favours the tall.

His Wife is at Least 3 Inches Taller Than Him.

Kevin Hart is currently married to Eniko Parrish. Her wife is 5’7″ tall, making her at least three inches taller than him. In a 70s-themed party, Hart wore insoles to be the same height as her.

Her relationship with Parrish is as strong as ever. But like any other relationship, it was not all perfect. Hart was involved in a scandal way back in 2017. He publicly admitted that he cheated on Parrish. A Netflix special was released regarding the incident. Despite all that has happened, they remained strong. When Hart was involved in a traffic accident last year, Parrish stayed with her until his recovery.

There are Many of Other Successful Individuals with the Similar Height as Hart

Kevin Hart is an inspiration for people short people worldwide. In the entertainment industry, tall people are often preferred than short-statured individuals. Like Hart, many other successful individuals showed that not only height matters. Here are some little men who became famous in the world of show business. 

  • Prince (5’2″) was an American singer-songwriter who won 7 Grammys. He also sold 100 million albums worldwide.
  • Danny Devito (5’0″) is an award-winning actor. He also directed and produced movies.
  • Michael J Fox. (5’4″) known for his role as Marty in Back to the Future series. He is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and is an advocate for finding a cure for the said disease.

Indeed, Kevin Hart made a giant name for himself. Despite his short height, he rose to fame. He found success not only on his profession but on his family life as well. He showed the entire world that small people can be big giants. In the end, raw talent and hard work are more important than height.

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