The Little Red Riding Hood Story

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The Little Red Riding Hood StoryThe Little Red Riding Hood Story As Bedtime Story for Kids

Little Red Riding Hood is also known as the Little Red Riding hood, Little Red Cap and Red Riding Hood. It is a fairy tale originated in Europe and it is regarded as one of the most popular stories from Perrault & fairy tales. Unlike other fairy tales you read on many parenting blogs, the Little Red Riding Hood does not feature characters with fantastic imagery. There are no monsters, witches, princesses or fairies in this story. But despite the absence of surreal characters, the story is brimming with unordinary and exciting scenes which make it a great bedtime story for kids.

The Little Red Riding Hood Summary

The little girl received a red riding hood from her grandmother. And because she is always seen wearing it, people started calling her Little Red Riding Hood.

One day, her grandmother got ill. The old woman was living deep in the woods and nobody was there to take care of her. With her mother’s instruction, the Little Red Riding Hood went to her grandmother to bring some food. Her mother reminded her not to move away from the path. However, on her way to the woods, the little girl forgot her mom’s advice about staying in the right course on her way to the woods.

She came across with a wolf who asked about where the she was heading to. The girl told the wolf her destination. Before she knew it, the wolf already had bad intentions. The wolf destructed her so she would stop and delay walking towards her grandma’s house. The wolf immediately went to the little red riding hood’s grandmother and ate her.

When the girl arrived at her grandmother’s house, she saw the wolf wearing the old lady’s nightgown. The wicked mammal then ate the little red riding hood. After a while, a huntsman arrived and saw a wolf clothed in a woman’s dress and he knew that something bad happened. He immediately opened the wolf’s stomach and took out the little girl and her grandmother. The three of them filled the wolf’s stomach with stone so he would have a hard time moving when he wakes up. The wicked wolf then died, leaving the little red riding hood with a lesson she learned the hard way.

Reasons Why the ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ Makes a Great Bedtime Story for Kids

The Little Red Riding Hood is a simple story which both young and older kids can understand. It does not take a genius to understand every phase of the story. Because it is not a complex tale, you can tell the story to your kids playfully. Its peak can surely make the little ones thrilled so as the storyteller, you can add a little ad lib to heighten up the excitement.

Another reason why this story is an ideal bedtime tale is the fact that it only has few characters. Your kids may not enjoy having to absorb each character if there are a lot of them in the story. Most importantly, the Little Red Riding Hood tells a lot of lessons which are very appropriate for children.

Lessons That Can Be Learned From the Red Riding Hood Story

1. The Little Red Riding Hood did not hesitate to talk to the wolf on her way to her grandma’s house when the wolf was actually a stranger. Your child will learn that it’s not right to speak to strangers. Explain to your child that it’s not safe to disclose any personal information to anyone they do not know.

2. The Little Red Riding Hood Short Story teaches the kids the importance of following parents instructions and advice. Should the little girl kept in mind her mom’s advice not to stray from the path, she would have avoided the wolf.

3. This story also talks about the significance of family relationship. The Little Red Riding Hood and her mother both made an effort to demonstrate their love for her grandmother when they found out she was sick. The girl did not mind travelling to the woods just to bring food for her and take care of her.

4. This tale gives you an opportunity to explain to your child how she can politely refuse having a conversation or disclosing personal information to a stranger. You also get to explain to her that she has to tell you right away when someone she does not know tries to get private details from her.


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The Little Red Riding Hood Story

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