MACKENZIE DAVIS: 9 Facts About Her You May Not Know

You probably know her from the latest instalment of the Terminator series. Or perhaps you might have seen her in the horror film The Turning. She was also cast in the science fiction series Black Mirror, in the episode San Junipero. She also had a major role in the horror movie The Turning. Yes, she is none other than Mackenzie Davis. She is one of the most versatile and bravest female actresses today. Here are nine things about Mackenzie Davis you may not know.

Davis Didn’t Watch Terminator as a Kid.

One of her most recent works is being paired with the Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger for the latest instalment of the series. However, in an interview, the beautiful actress admitted that she was never exposed to the Terminator series as a kid. Her parents didn’t let her watch such movies. Instead, she knew Schwarzenegger from the movies Twins and Junior, which she’s a fan of.

She also recounted when she met Arnold. Her first impression of the buff actor was that he was so warm and encouraging. She also said that Schwarzenegger quotes himself a lot, which she thought is endearing. Schwarzenegger would quote his own movie phrases which Davis considered as giving people what they want. She said Arnold usually does that after a day of taping to encourage everyone. Unfortunately, since the actress did not grow up watching the series, she had no idea what Arnold was referencing. 

Mackenzie Davis Believes in the Supernatural

Davis’ interview for the film The Turning revealed that she likes horror movies. For the movie, they had to rent an eerie aristocratic manor. The actress mentioned that her experience working on that set was chilling. When asked, Davis said she believes in the supernatural. She has no experience with that sort of thing. However, she jokingly said that she’s open to experiencing one.

Mackenzie is an Adrenaline Junky

Davis also mentioned that she loves being scared. Watching scary movies gives her adrenaline. The actress mentioned that she loves adrenaline. For the same reason, she loves riding roller coasters. She describes it as being pushed to the edge, which she enjoys very much.

The actress also mentioned that there is a certain charm of watching horror films at the cinemas. She believes that watching a horror film at theatres is such a cool experience. For her, it is an intense communal experience of fear and being terrified together, and not knowing that you’re clinging to someone you don’t know.

Mackenzie Davis Afraid of Cockroaches

In an interview, Davis revealed that cockroaches frighten her. She stated that she would go mad with fear if she lived in a place full of cockroaches. The actress also doesn’t like talking about it. Aside from cockroaches, she also stated that she could spook herself easily. She shared that they once had a painting of a woman whom she thinks will grab her feet when running up the stairs. 

She Spent Months of Training and Dieting for Terminator: The Dark Fate

In preparation for her role in the latest Terminator series, Davis had to train and diet for three months. Her diet consists mostly of protein. She was not allowed to eat carbs and sugar. She also had to train constantly. The actress stated that she has naturally muscular arms. However, the rest of it was intense dieting and training. The terminator star considered it a second job on top of her first job. She would only sleep for four to five hours a night because of the constant training and filming. Her six days a week, training went on for six months during the film’s production.

Davis considers her training and dieting an exciting experience, luxurious even. People were forcing her to eat well, training her, and investing so much time to transform her body. The actress mentioned that she couldn’t have done it by herself. After the project, Mackenzie confessed that she immediately went to a pizza place. She got three pizzas and a bottle of wine all for herself.

She Hates Having Her Photograph Taken

Davis shared in an interview about her love for the red carpet and dressing up. However, she also admitted her strong feelings against having her picture taken. The star mentioned that it might take a few years before she could get used to photography. Because of this, she finds it difficult when those two things combine. 

She Had a Short Modelling Experience

It was revealed that she had little experience in modelling. It was hard for her and she admits not liking it. But there are more reasons why she hates it other than not wanting her pictures taken. Davis admitted that she dislikes the concept of modelling. For her, the point of modelling is to be beautiful, and that’s it. The actress personally hates the idea of taking a picture of someone and judging them based on that picture. She confessed that to get out of the job, she ate a lot and gained fat.

Mackenzie Has No Social Media Accounts

Davis mentioned that she doesn’t use social media. But clearly, people want her to have one. She said that she saw an Instagram account that people thought was hers. She added that she loves to think that people look her up and see her photos. It’s very believable since she doesn’t like photography. 

As to why she doesn’t own any social media accounts, Davis acknowledged that she’s too sensitive. The actress claims that she would overthink if she uses one. However, Mackenzie admitted that she does google herself, adding that she tries to limit all that stuff.

Mackenzie Davis Had an Odd Hobby

Davis revealed that she had one of the weirdest and most unusual hobbies. She admitted she loved doing art and crafts projects, but not with just any ordinary material. She appeared as a guest in the Late Night Show With Conan O’Brien. There, the actress confessed that she was collecting animal bones back when she was in Texas. She would collect owl pellets, the undigested bones from the bird’s meal. She would harvest them and make magical creatures out of them.

Davis also recounted when she found roadkill in Texas. She admitted to looking up how to dissolve the other parts leaving only the bone, without getting attention from the neighbours. She then acknowledges that it’s a possible sign of psychopathy. She ended up not doing it anyways.

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