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There is no doubt that there are a lot of rumours and speculations going on about the highly awaited Overlord Season 3 release, both online and offer line, among old-time fans and new fans. So then, what is going on about the release of season 4 and why is Overload so famous?

As you would already know, in recent years, Overlord arrived in the Japanese market in overwhelming quantity. This anime was released first as a series of light novels. The series’ author is Kugane Murayama with illustrations from So-bin, an anonymous illustrator. The novel series is a commercial success, selling more than 7 million copies as of April 2018. Due to its novels’, Madhouse produced the anime adaptation. The anime series also saw success worldwide. 

News About Overlord Season 4 and Release Date

Will there be a season 4 of Overlord? Fans have long awaited the continuation of the anime adaptation since the last airing of the 3rd season in Oct 2018. Unfortunately, neither Murayama nor Madhouse announced a new season of the anime. However, KSM Anime, a german disc-publisher, tweeted that the 4th season was supposedly announced at a german anime convention. However, fans who attended the convention refuted the tweet. It was later revealed that the anime scriptwriter was the one who told the attendees that a 4th season is extremely likely.

Despite not having official announcements, there is still a chance that Overlord will be renewed for another season. The novels are still in production, with its 14th volume scheduled to be released in March 2020. The latest released volume ranked first in sales when it came out in 2018. Furthermore, the anime covered three novel volumes per season, with season 3 covering the novel up until volume 9. Since there are already 13 volumes of the novel, there is enough material for another season.

So when is the Overlord season 4 release date? We don’t know for sure. Depending on the creation process, an anime season would generally take 6-12 months to finish. If the anime is already in the works, a shorter time is required. If the Overlord anime gets another season and goes into production immediately, it would be released late 2020 or early 2021.

Why Are Overlord Season 1, 2, 3 and so Famous?

Overlord is an anime of the Isekai genre. Anime of the Isekai genre often tells of a person from earth who was transported, reborn, or trapped in a parallel world. The parallel world they live in is usually a fantasy world that they already know, usually from a game. 

Overlord tells the story of Suzuki Satoru, who loves to play an MMORPG game titled YGGDRASIL. In the real world, he is just your average salaryman. He devoted much of his life to playing the game. He befriended other people, which he never did in the real world. Together, they made a guild on set on my adventures. But one day, the game was announced to be shut down, and he wanted to see his friends for the last time. When it was shut down, he was still on the game, seemingly trapped until he finds a way out of it.

There are many reasons why the anime became popular. The idea of living in a different world is a common theme. Regardless, we all at one time wished that we were living in a fantasy world. Watching the anime or reading the novels makes us discover and escape in a brand new world, even if it’s only for a moment. Not to mention, the anime and the novels are known for world-building and showing it through the eyes of different characters.

Another reason why people love Overlord is for their unique characters. The main character, Satoru, is very relatable to people. In-game, he is a ruthless, intelligent, and over-powered individual who can take over the whole world. It is a different experience from the typical shounen genre where a protagonist is a weak person who slowly becomes stronger. The other characters of the series are also eccentric and unique.

Other Anime Like Overlord

While waiting for Overlord Season 4, there is plenty of other similar anime. Some of the anime titles from the Isekai genre you can watch are KonoSuba, Re: Zero − Starting Life in Another World, and Yōjo Senki. Along with Overlord, they also make up the Isekai Quartet. The Isekai Quartet is an anime collaboration of the four said titles, putting them in the same world as chibi characters. The said collaboration is a success, having already 2 seasons. The latest season aired in January 2020.

Aside from the mentioned anime titles, there are dozens more of Isekai titles. Log Horizon, Sword Art Online, Shield Hero, and Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken are some of the most popular Isekai animes. There are also Isekai movies, like Spirited Away, We will not forget to mention Giorno Giovanna, the only JoJo who has a goal. which you can enjoy while waiting for Overlord season 4.

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