Potty Training for Boys

Boys Potty Training Explained

Potty training for boys requires a great effort from parents. Teaching your son how to eliminate using the potty will definitely test your patience. You should keep in mind that potty is a strange thing to your child. It will take time for him to understand what it is for. At first, he will show disinterest or he may even be afraid of it. The trick is not to push him too hard to use the potty. Instead of making him at ease with it, using an iron-fisted approach might only frighten your child or worst, it might lead to a phobia.

When potty training boys, you may wonder if it’s any different with training girls. Based on studies, girls tend to learn using potty seats faster than boys. This is because boys are obviously more active. They are more energetic and it is harder to make them stop and pay attention.

Indicators When Toilet Training for Boys Can Be Performed

Time spent training boys who are completely disinterested and aloof is time wasted. As said earlier, do not push too hard. You will get to potty training when it is time. While he is still demonstrating that he is withdrawn to the idea of using the potty seat, wait until you see some indicators that the toilet training can be performed. The following ideas will aid on your judgement as to when you should start potty training your boy.

Physical indicators:

  • Firm walking and running
  • Releasing a fair amount of urine
  • Well-formed stools
  • Predictable bowel movement interval
  • At least two hours of no pees and poops which is a sign of developed bladder muscles.

Behavioral and indicators:

  • Can stay in one place for a longer period
  • Knows how to wear and remove his pants
  • Hates wet and dirty underwear
  • Performing gestures when having a bowel movement

Tips on Potty Training Boys

As a parent, you should take time to learn how to potty train a boy. It can help a lot if you read books or browse the internet so you can learn your training strategy options. These are materials that can provide you with countless words of advice which you can put into practice.

Here’s a list of some of the most effective tips on potty training boys that you should apply when your child is ready.

  • Let the Dad or any male family member show your child how to pee and poop on the potty seat. Kids love visuals. They tend to imitate what they see. It will work better if he sees someone of the same gender making use of the potty or the toilet bowl. While you are in the training process, try to keep the door of your bathroom open so he can see how the others do it.
  • Let your son decide if he will sit or stand. Do not force him to sit if he is not comfortable with it. Be thankful that he is at least cooperating. If he prefers to stand, he will eventually sit when he is more familiar with the scenario.
  • There will be instances when your son would fail to shoot his stuff on the potty. It is, of course, frustrating that you still need to tidy up the area. But the good news is, your son is on his way to perfecting the deed. When the two of you practice potty on a regular basis, chances are, he will eventually master it.
  • Make your son feel that wearing regular underwear is a milestone. Point out that it is more comfortable not to wear a diaper. Pick colorful underwear with his favorite characters printed on it. This way, your son will be more encouraged to use the potty all throughout.

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