Potty Training for Girls: Fun Coaching Tips

Potty Training for Girls The Fun Way

Potty training for girls is one of the many challenges you will face with a growing child. Although girls are believed to be more behaved than boys, potty training the girls is also demanding.

Child development professionals strongly advise parents not to rush on potty training for girls. The experts point out that teaching a child to use the potty seat calls for a great deal of time and patience from the parents. If you insist on teaching your child how to potty when she is not yet motivated to do so, you will only end up frustrated.

When to Start Toilet Training for Girls?

There is no specific time for potty training either for boys or for girls. You should keep an eye on the signs that your daughter will exhibit. She has to demonstrate readiness before you begin taking on toilet training.

You may begin looking for readiness signs by the time she is 18 months. This is the usually age when a child starts showing willingness to cooperate. However, this does not guarantee that your child will be ready when she’s 18 months of age. Your waiting period can be from this age up to her fourth year. On average, kids agree to take on potty training between two to three years old.

Based on observation, girls are likely to get potty trained a few months earlier than boys. However, there are still other factors that may affect a child’s learning speed. Having older siblings who use the toilet can be one. Seeing other people take on the deed can push the child to use the potty.

Which Potty Training Techniques Work for Girls?

Girls are more likely to learn how to use the potty seat fast if you use natural techniques. Kids normally imitate what their parents do. If your daughter is exposed with your frequent trips to the bathroom and your activities in this part of the house, then she is likely to copycat it. So let her have a view of what’s going on inside the bathroom when you are using the toilet. Keep the door open as you tell her that big girls are supposed to pee and poop the way you are doing it. You may also take her with you inside the bathroom with her own potty waiting for her. Just don’t forget to explain that boys and girls use the bathroom in different ways.

Another effective technique is taking your daughter out to shop for cute underwear. Let her delight in beautiful undies with her favorite characters on it. Sweet-talk her that she’ll look even more beautiful with cute underwear on. It will also help if you tell her that most of the girls she knows are already wearing undies.

Compared to boys, girls are more sensitive when it comes to the cleanliness of things they come into contact. They are more reactive when their clothes get dirty. You simply have to put emphasis that letting you know when she wants to pee or poop is better than getting her undies dirty and wet.

How to Make Potty Training Fun and Exciting?

The experts suggest having a child-size potty seat for the little ones as this makes them feel more comfortable than the normal toilet. As for girls who usually like their stuff pink and personalized, you can have it decorated with her favorites. Put her name on it and let her embellish it.

Expect that your daughter’s few attempts may not be successful. Gradually, she will learn to get everything in the potty. Praise her when she did it right. Give her a reward and say it is because she was able to do it without a miss!

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