Potty Training Toilets Seats

Potty Training Toilets

When it comes to the welfare of your kids, you should always go for the best. You have to make sure that everything that comes into contact with your child has the most favorable qualities. One way or another, any of your kid’s stuff can cause him harm if you don’t purchase it with precaution.

Even potty training toilet must be selected with meticulousness. Potty training is a very demanding task. The whole process of teaching a child to properly use the toilet takes a lot of time and effort. The kind of potty training seats that will be used for this purpose may have a great impact on the attempt’s outcome. Therefore, it is only proper that you take your time when picking a toilet training seat.

The market has a lot of potty training toilets to offer. However, not all of the options available possess the quality that your child deserves. The list below will give you ideas on what to look for when shopping for this potty training essential.

What Type of Potty Training Toilets to Purchase

There are two common types of potty training seats. These are the stand-alone potty and the seat reducer. Both have their own advantages and a little downside which you have to be aware of before you take your pick.

Stand-alone potty lets your child get on and off it with ease. It is the best option if you want to let your toddler use the potty anywhere in the house. On the other hand, the seat reducer takes smaller floor space. It is actually the traditional potty seat which has more resemblance with the regular potty. Seat reducer is relatively cheaper compared to stand alone potty.

Whichever between these two potty training seats you pick, it is important that you thoroughly check the most important feature which is safety.

Check on the potty size.

Your child has to be comfortable of the size of potty seat you will buy. Potty training seats come in different rim sizes and heights. Make sure you go for the best fit. It’s one where your child’s bottom can settle in with ease. His feet must lay flat on the floor when he is seated.

Make sure your child is comfortable with it.

Potty training toilets are usually made of plastic. But there are a few ones you can buy of which seat is cushioned. If your child prefers one with cushion, be ready to exert more effort cleaning it. The cushion has to be removed from the base of the seat so you can thoroughly clean it. The potty seat has to be equipped with back support.

The potty seat should come with maximum support and security.

Go for one that cozily fits your child. He should not slip or wobble while seated on the training toilet. You must avoid buying a potty that is made of slippery material. Having undesirable experience on the toilet trainer will make your child reluctant to use it again.

Look for a toilet training seat with additional features.

Although additional features like stickers, lights, and sound effects are not really important, these elements can heighten your child’s interest. Look for one inspired by your child’s favorite characters.

Potty training toilets with the best features are out there but finding them requires patience. You may want to seek suggestions from your fellow parents. Potties are available online and in local stores. Before you head to the shop, be firm on your preference. Keep in mind that although the outwards appearance of the potty also has some weight, what’s more important is its function.

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