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The royal couple, Meghan and Harry, have started a journey of surprises for the royal family and public opinion ever since 2017. From the start, the couple’s engagement was already a turning point for the British tradition. A duchess like Meghan Markle was not only an American actress but also the first mixed-race woman to enter the royalty. Some public opinion was cheerful and welcomed the engagement wholeheartedly, while some other media outlets and tabloids were highly critical of this news. Over the years, their fans also began to discover the private life and ambitions of both Harry and Meghan. It was not just insider news that has told these stories, but most authentically what the couple shared through their new Instagram account. Whether it’s their Instagram stories or their real-life story, Meghan and Harry continue to keep their fans growing and share events that are likely to make you rethink what a royal couple has in mind about their life. Let’s find out more about this in this article.

Meghan Markle has a particularly interesting early life that precedes her relationship with Prince Harry. Born on the 4th of August 1981, Meghan was the child of mixed-race parents. So, while her father was white, her mother was African American. Ever since she was young, Meghan participated in acting roles in TV series and films, making her name gradually more known until she took part in her last and most famous role in the TV series “Suits”. She was a stunning actress, but outside her career, she was also a strong voice in movements that empower women and gender equality.

Meghan and Harry:

But, Meghan Markle was not single all this long. Having married in 2011, Meghan saw through the marriage for a couple of years, until she had to divorce in 2013. Since then, she continued to focus on her acting career and organization work until she met Prince Harry in 2016.

Prince Harry, however, had been on the other side of the world. Born on the 15th of September of 1984, he became the second son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana and the grandson of Queen Elizabeth. Like his brother William, he had a proper education in independent schools, but his life led him to serve in the British army and become a troop leader. In fact, he went on even to serve in Afghanistan two times. While his life properly patriotic, Harry also had a strong passion for many types of sports, especially Rugby. He has been part of these sports on some events, but more importantly, also a patron of several charity organizations such as Walking With The Wounded and London Marathon. It was in July 2016 that Prince Harry met Meghan on a planned blind date. It was a surprise to Meghan who had no idea that her date had global fame, and it took only a second date for the relationship to become serious and successful. A few months later, the secret relationship hit the news.

Meghan and Harry Latest News:

Meghan and Harry’s relationship made headlines. It was not the kind of date that the media expected. The couple had been in Botswana several months before, camping out privately under the stars while the world was heedless to their new romance. But, when Meghan did reveal her relationship through Instagram, the next few months unfolded like a long nightmare to the couple.

  • The Media Backlash On The Couple

The couple has already started nurturing their relationship through a lot of alone time and charity work. But, when their dating story was claimed by the news, the media reaction, both positive and negative, sent a surge of pressure and bitter critique at the couple’s quiet and stable life. Several media outlets were already defaming their story with mistruths, others were racist and critical of Meghan Markle, to which Prince Harry did his hardest to protect against. On several occasions, Harry communicated to the press that the media had no right to attack his relationship and that they should leave him alone with his girlfriend. On social media like Twitter, the posts had the private freedom to be even more sinister, tweeting countless racist posts and disapproving of Meghan for getting into a relationship with Harry. The couple could not downplay the noise of the news, so they opted for a necessary action: to mute their media accounts and ignore the news. It was the only way for the actress and prince to handle the attacks, and it worked. Even when there was a lot of tabloid anger, the couple managed to live their love story, going on romantic trips and attending game ceremonies that they enjoyed. In fact, it took a little over a year before Meghan and Harry announced their engagement on September.

  • The Break from Royal Duties

The fact that Meghan was of a mixed-race origin was a hard lump for many to swallow. This is one of the reasons why Meghan struggled with enduring public opinion, especially as a feminist and strong defender of equality and racial justice. However, once the couple became engaged, the relationship was heading toward a serious private life, despite the media’s conflicting protests.

Later that summer in May 2018, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle eventually got married in a glorious wedding, attracting millions of viewers, worldwide fans, and high profile guests. It was perhaps even more ceremonial and popular than anyone had anticipated. They soon began their royal work, receiving first their Sussex royal titles and performing honorary duties. During their lives in the U.K residence, the media scrutiny to the married couple was still ongoing. Yet, Queen Elizabeth has been supportive of their relationship from the start, and she was proud of her son’s love story.

Having a baby was the family’s best delight, and the media was waiting for the baby’s gender on fire, especially when Harry and Meghan withheld the information for a little longer. On the 6th of May 2019, they had their first baby boy, who was the seventh in line after Harry. But, as great news as it was, it was followed by a drastic decision that was about to break British tradition.

Right at the start of 2020, and after extensive discussion with his wife, Harry and Meghan decided to withdraw from the royal family to live a financially independent life. The duke and duchess maintained that they wanted to live a peaceful life, away from the requirements and funding of royal life. This meant a lot of things for the couple. They had to let go of many royal duties, including their commonwealth membership. But, they preserved their titles as duke and duchess of Sussex. They also decided to live in North America, instead of the U.K. Hearing of this statement, the Queen was surprised but she supported their decision nevertheless, all at a time when the media and tabloids were still putting out there all kinds of condemnation or excited posts.

  • Going To Canada

The couple, now without royal duties, kept the media speculating about their next move for their private life. It was only a couple of weeks before Meghan and Harry stated that they rented a mansion in Vancouver Island, Canada. It’s a stunning mansion, tucked away from public prying eyes and shaded by long trees. Just what the couple wants. On top of that, the family has a strong history with Canada since Meghan has worked there for several years as an actress and Harry was welcomed warmly by the country. Given the natural beauty of the country, balanced with the sophisticated city and warm communities, Harry and Meghan found their abode to spend a peaceful, happy life for some time to come. But, their citizenship as Canadians is still uncompleted up to now. So, there is more planning and travel to manage by this happy family.

Meghan and Harry Instagram:

An interesting part of Meghan and Harry’s life is their Instagram account. It’s not only a medium for sharing their rich work with charities and organizations around the world, but it also allows for a peek into their personal life for their huge fan base. The family’s Instagram account, Sussex Royal, has more than 11.1 million followers, which has recently exceeded Kensington Royal’s account followers in a quite short time. With more work and charity ahead, Meghan and Harry will keep making headlines in the latest news thanks to their outstanding work and Instagram activity as a royal couple. 

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