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Royal Baby Names

All of us value a baby’s name that will make our little child proud and adorable. It has to be sweet-sounding and meaningful, with a history behind it that will give your kid’s character some grandeur. But, that is clearly not an easy thing to find. You might look for hours through an online name database, or keep asking your friends and relatives to fall on some unique name to end the worry. But, let’s be honest, it’s rarely ever satisfying and it takes too much time. The solution can be easy and powerful if you think about an amazing alternative: to pick a royal name for your child. Basically, royal names have a lot to offer, and they are used by royal families who have made a history out of them. They are also created from meanings that are noble and fascinating. And you don’t have to look anywhere new but the modern royal families or even old ones. But, before you can rush to get an awe-inspiring royal name for your adorable newborn, let’s have a look below at how and why you should choose royals names, and what are the best options to choose from.

On Royal Names

Perhaps one of the best monarchies to think about when considering names is the British one. Many centuries ago, the British monarchy had circulated many royal names, but it was not until William the Conqueror usurped the monarchy in 1066 that things took a different turn. Royal names during his time began to be added, creating a line of names that will be later on recognized as the true representation of classical British Royalty. These were royal names that sprung from royal procedures of choosing names. They had to pay respect to tradition and earlier monarchs and be in line with the preceding glorious history. Similarly, even now, Queen Elizabeth the second has the final say in determining whether a royal name for a newborn is acceptable or not. This is what gives charm to these royal names, and this is why many regular fans of the royalty take from the royalty’s pool of names. But, the tradition of choosing names from the earlier royal British history is not always a necessity. In fact, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry of Sussex have recently broken this chain by giving their new baby boy a name that is not royal. He was named Archie, which essentially means “genuine” and “bold”, and the Queen has approved of it. For common people who need modern names that were adopted by royalty, this is an excellent choice for them to let go of old names and get a new royal baby name.

How to Choose Royal Names

Unlike most modern names, babies’ royal names are easy to choose from and they do not overwhelm you with indecision with too many options. Each name has a history and well-described meaning for which you can have honor and gratitude to give to your baby, whether it’s a girl or a boy. So, how do you choose one?

First, look to whether your list of royal names meet a few criteria that royalty themselves abide by. For example, British royalty ensures that the royal name is not only historical but also has a strong traditional use. The more the name is traditional and commonly used by past kings and princes, the better and stronger its effect as a traditional royal name. When Prince George, the son of Prince William, was named George Alexander Louis, it was a tribute to King George VI, which pays great honor to Queen Elizabeth’s father. You can, therefore, have a look at some traditionally-used royalty names and find the kind which reflects tradition and history most strongly.

Another criteria that the royalty takes into account is whether the name is relevant and relatable to nowadays’ culture. A royal name is well-deserved and meaningful when it can express the present day world and is also relevant to this modern era. This is clearly what makes royals names very trendy for the public since they are appropriate to the present culture. So, you can get a trendy royal name as well. When limiting your options with royal baby names, you might disregard the very old names and go with something as trendy as Charlotte for your baby girl, for example.

Why Use Royal Names

There are many important benefits to using a royal name rather than a common one. A royal baby name guarantees that it will stand the test of time, and will stay timelessly charming. It’s extremely hard for a name such as Alexander or Elizabeth to ever lose their historic charm and royalty, regardless of the shifts in culture. Additionally, royal names give your babies an unparalleled sense of elegance and taste in the sounding of their names that other names can’t achieve. Pop culture names can be lovely, but they are usually still a bit strange to a long-standing British heritage. For an even better effect, royal names are the most meaningful and celebrated choices to take pride in. If you choose a name like Richard, which means a “Dominant Ruler”, you will certainly win your boy’s gratitude when he grows up.

Current Royal Baby Names

The trendiest royal names now lay in the hands of current princesses and princes of the U.K. Have a look at the media attention that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle get when it comes to their life and baby names. Once a royal couple pick a name, the next period always sees a soaring use of that name in the U.K. Archie Harrison, who is Meghan and Harry’s baby boy, has also became celebrated in both the U.S and U.K. To the same extent, Prince William’s child, whose full name is Prince Louis Arthur Charles, also welcomed a lot of cheer from the public and was adored by his grandfather Prince Charles. If you feel motivated by the families’ lovely names, you have an easy way to find a trendy royal name for yourself from their numerous children.

10 Royal Names for Boys:

If you need a quick list of the most royal and widely used names for baby boys and girls, check the following names.


This widely used royal name means “Estate Ruler.” It belonged to many British kings, making it well-rooted in British heritage and an awe-inspiring name.


This legendary royal name means “noble and courageous.” Choose this name if you would like your baby boy to take from the great King Arthur.


Stephen was borne by Stephen of Blois and his son who were kings of England. The name means “crowned”.


William The Conqueror had a son whose name was Robert and he ruled over Normandy. The name itself describes the idea of “Bright Fame”. 


The name of “Edward” is associated with words such as “Fortune” and “Wealth”, and it was widely used by many kings.


Alexander is not only royal but it’s also popular at the moment in the U.K. Even Prince William’s eldest son, Georgie, has the name Alexander as his middle name. The original meaning of this name is “Defender of People”.


This charming name has been used in different parts of the U.K by many kings, and it has recently been held by Prince William’s eldest son.


Many recent princes bore this name a lot owing to its significance. The meaning of the name is “Famed Warrior”.


Prince William’s middle name is Philip. It was given to him by his father Prince Charles. Phillip means “Fond of Horses”.


The current prince William bears the name proudly. It’s perfectly royal and it means “determined protector”.

10 Royal Names for Girls:


This is a very popular name for princesses. Very recently, it was given to the young process Charlotte, the daughter of Prince William.


Eleanor means “light”. It was the name of the wife of Henry II and also the daughter of John I. It’s a mesmerizing royal name for girls.


The modern version of this name is “Adele”. The oldest form belonged to the daughter of Henry, and she had contributions to the kingdom during his reign. The name usually referred to the meaning of “nobility”.


This traditional name was born by William the Conqueror’s wife, who had a German origin. The meaning of the word is “battle-mighty”.


Margaret has a French origin, and it signifies a “pearl”.


The name first appeared with one of Henry’s wives, and it meant “The Lord is Gracious”. It is said Jane is a feminine version of John.


This name has changed from different forms, including the original Hebrew of “Hannah”. The meaning of Anne is “grace”.


This is a special name that many parents seek for a unique taste. It was used by Victoria Eugenie Battenberg, and it means someone who is “well-born”.


Elizabeth is one of the most used royal names. It’s speculated that the daughter of Edward 1 had this name.


The name is a feminine version of “Louis”, and it was also given for many royal ladies.

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