The Real Story of The Sleeping Beauty

Send Your Kids to Sleep with the Story of the Sleeping Beauty

the Sleeping BeautyThe Sleeping Beauty is one of the most popular fairy tales ever written. It was authored by Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm.

In 1959, a film adaptation of the Sleeping Beauty was created. It was produced by the Walt Disney Pictures and Buena Vista Distribution. On January 29, 1959, the first Sleeping Beauty film was released.

Sleeping Beauty Summary

There was a king and a queen who had no kids and they felt like their lives were not complete. After waiting for several years, the queen finally got pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The child made the whole kingdom filled with happiness.

A grand party was held to celebrate the arrival of the child. The king and the queen invited almost everyone, except for the old fairy which the couple missed to have on their list. This made the old fairy very angry. She even announced that by the time the baby reached the age of 16, she would touch a spindle and would be dead.

Everyone at the gathering got shocked. But there were fairies in the party who told the king and queen that what the old fairy said could not be undone. The fairies, however, told the couple that she would not die if she comes into contact with a spindle. They assured the baby's parents that she'd fall into sleep for a hundred years instead of dying. A prince has to come to wake the princess up.

When the princess reached 16, she went to the woods and encountered an old lady spinning. She made her touch the spindle so the princess fell asleep. She was brought to the palace and there she slept for a hundred years. A prince from a distant land finally arrived. He got lost and reached the palace where he saw the Sleeping Beauty. He was stunned by the princess' beauty so he kissed her. The princess woke up and they immediately fell in love with each other.

What Makes the Sleeping Beauty a Great Story to Tell?

The Sleeping Beauty is an old tale so you basically know its plot. In case you have forgotten the story, you can always count on your access to the internet to get updated.

Kids are fond of fairy tale so your little ones will surely have fun listening to your this story. It’s extra appealing to little girls on account of its main character being a princess. Nonetheless, boys will also delight in this story if you highlight the big role that the prince played when he saved the princess from her long sleep.

The Sleeping Beauty basically has several exciting scenes: when the old fairy cursed the child, when the princess touched the spindle and when the prince arrived and kissed her. Even if you tell this story over and over again, it will still keep them entertained because of these thrilling events in the story.

The little ones may not mind the kissing part but older kids might be curious about it. Make sure you have a ready answer when they ask you. It would help if you explain it to them in a way that will not make it look malicious.

It is important that whenever you tell the story of the Sleeping Beauty, you give prominence to the lessons the child can learn from it. This fairy tale says a lot about the significance of the love for family. It also demonstrates that pure love can conquer everything and there’s always something good waiting for a kind-hearted person.

How Your Kids Will Further Enjoy the Sleeping Beauty?

If your child got really fond of the Sleeping Beauty, you can let her watch the animated Sleeping Beauty film. Make sure you accompany your child as she watches it so you can immediately explain anything that may seem confusing to her. You can also listen to the Sleeping Beauty song, which you can download from the internet.

A lot of stuff for kids already come in Sleeping Beauty designs. There are bags, stickers, dolls and many other Sleeping Beauty-inspired items which you can have for your kids. There are also Sleeping Beauty books with pictures and text and these are widely available in local book stores.

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